Mass Video Split w/o Re-encode - Pay $50

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    Video Split w/o Re-encode - Pay $50

    I am paying $50 usd that whoever can provide me a solution to this

    I need a program that can..

    Split more than 1 video at a time (namely mp4 / avi )
    Able to split using Direct Stream - W/o Encode on Video & Audio
    Split the video each into 2 clips.

    I don't mind buying the software license, but prefer try the trial and see if its work.

    I am currently knowing that Video charge studio works for this but the issue is . i always get this video codec not found error although i install k lite codec mega pack, quick time and other video codec but still fails.

    Anyway let me know if u got the solution, at current i am using Boilsoft video splitter and its work amazingly. too bad it can only convert 1 at a time means i need stand by and prepare select the next file once the current 1 done which is a wastage of time and not efficient.

    Do pm me your solution & paypal info so i will pay you right after test working.

    Offer: $50 usd