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    i need lil help from you guys iam using mass video blaster to download and reupload viral videos to youtube and connecting that with a cpa offer in the description and i use to shorten the cpa tracking links.....

    now my problem is iave seen videos which goes viral and say get a million views within 2 days time and i downloaded the same and reuploaded it with my cpa link shortened and some keywords in the description but i dont know why the views are really very very less i uploaded a hell lotta videos all the videos get only 8 views or 10 views some say 100 the max iave got is 600 views in 6 days ....

    so this is what basically mass video blaster is meant for downloading a video from youtube and reuploading but i dont think that works .....

    any guys youtube pros please help me... is it a must that the account from which the video was uploaded should have a great channel like other gaming and mobile sites in order to get some decent views ?? and also i disable comments and ratings for uploaded videos does this makes any differenece ??

    pls let me know what is actually required other than just downloading and reuploading to make the videos get some decent views and conversions iam not saying i want the video to be viral in a day and millions of views and great conversions no iam not expecting that but still some decent views say like 1000 views a day or something like that ........

    Thanks a lot in advance