Mass Manager app. 1000's of websites


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Apr 29, 2008
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Is there an application/software to manage large numbers of websites and pages?

How do blackhatters keep track of all the url's, the domains, the log-in info , the ftp info, cpanel info, data base info, domain expirations,,, and so on and so on,,

There has to be something out there,,,,

text files & emails that can only be accessed from 1 specific IP. yep... that's what i do.
I have spreadsheets, I have one for my domains, one for my emails, one for my aff info, no need to buy a complicated system when excel works perfect.
I use excel too and still do for most of my infomation but for passwords I use password safe. You can have a portable version on a usb stick and the datafile is password protected. click on the entry to copy the password into the clipboard.

I'm using spreadsheets right now, as it seems like the easiest way. KISS
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