Mass group posting: via email? software? Issues? Freq? Share FB video from outside FB?

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by punkinhead, Sep 11, 2015.

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    Feb 19, 2015
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    I've joined a couple thousand groups, and about to start blasting. Sharing mainly music videos (FB native video and YouTube), Spotify links, SoundCloud, etc.

    I've read some people are doing this by getting the FB email associated with the group, and using email software to blast out to hundreds of groups at a time. This brings up some questions, though.

    1) What happens if I get banned from a group, then I try to blast out to it? This would have a record of me trying to post to a group I am no longer a member of. Is this a serious issue or not?

    2) Is this an issue on the email side? Am I technically spamming from my account if I'm no longer a member of the group I'm sending to? Potential issues there? Can I even send out to over a thousand addresses simultaneously from Gmail? Do I need another client? Is my ISP going to have an issue with this? Should I be doing this from a vps? If I understand correctly, I have to do it from my email associated with FB acccount, right?


    Is there a better method like some software I can use to schedule mass postings?

    Ideal would be something that lets me just add categories of recipients. (For instance, this release is a funky remix video, so share to all groups in funk category, all groups in music video category, and all EDM groups.)

    Also, how do I handle FB video? The video is already on FB, so within FB, I'd share the video, then add the text, but how do I include FB video in a post if I'm posting it from outside FB? Is there a solution to this?