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    Not sure how many here have created your own products or are
    planning to do so, but if you've been studying the pre-launch for
    this it's a perfect example on the psychology of selling and

    This launch will surely be one of, if not the biggest product launch
    in 2009. More important though than the product itself is how it's
    being sold.

    You'll notice first off there aren't any Long sales letters being
    used. Everything was done with videos and the opt-in boxes/buy
    now buttons were all ABOVE the fold.

    What does this mean?

    Times are changing and the traditional long ass sales letters are
    going out of style. In other words, get your message across in
    the first 50 words certainly is playing true with this launch.

    The second thing imo, is the over delivering on this product. It's
    a physical product first of all. Here's a screenshot of it:


    Next, every buyer gets a complimentary invite to a seminar
    Frank, Jeff Walker and many others are putting on in San Diego
    at the end of April. Frank has charged $10,000 for a ticket to
    seminars in the past, so to get this for buying a $2000 product
    is considered a downright steal to most people. (Not really saying
    it is, what I'm saying is the appearance to the general public of
    the perceived value....although to be in a setting and surrounding
    oneself with highly successful people is surely not a bad thing)

    Finally, some Frank's JV partners are offering pretty significant
    bonuses to buy it through their affiliate link. You can see 2 of
    the better ones I've found here: and

    Just thought I would point this out to you guys as it's very
    valuable to study this. I also recommend things like saving
    ALL of Frank's pre-launch emails to swipe from and of course
    swiping all the Very short Sales Copy from the MC2 sites so
    you can use them for your sites in the future :)

    Hope this helps some of you guys!

    - parrot
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    I think Ewen Chia has the best bonus I have seen so far, with one promo for that 500k list you can make the return of this MC2 very easy :)...I think to get this trought his link jeje
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    business development, local search domination
    The Dark Side

    great presentation. i'm sure they will sell a lot. but 2 grand!!!
    that list better be good..
  4. eestisiin

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    Oct 8, 2007
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    Watched the video on the main site, and although I never buy into this crazy mega million dollar products, then the video and packaging gives so much value that I would like to buy it! This means, that if I, who wont buy shit really want it, then persons who usually buy shit, they will deffo buy it.

    Its a great salesletter :)
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    Yeah, been seeing a shift in long sales letter to short sales letter PLUS video.

    I think I might just test it out with my CPA campaigns.

    Ewen got great marketing technique but always ALWAYS a crap product.... pretty but no substance....

    Sure you want his bonuses?
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    Jan 12, 2009
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    If I were to buy Masscontrol @ ..I would buy through Andy Jenkins link hands down..Read This Bonus Throuroughly

    What is a "Gonzo Bonus?"

    "Gonzo" means 'with reckless abandon' or 'extreme'.

    It also describes the kind of writing that Hunter S.
    Thompson enjoyed ('Gonzo Journalism'), where the
    reporter made himself part of the story.

    The bonuses that I'm offering for Frank Kern's Mass
    Control 2.0 product are definitely "Gonzo" because:

    They are extreme.
    I use Mass Control techniques (even before it was
    called 'Mass Control') and I'm a small part of 'the
    Mass Control story' - the part that has the
    $18,000,000 plot...
    ...making my endorsement of Mass Control 2.0 enthusiastic
    and easy.

    So, if you decide to take my recommendation and become
    a Mass Control 2.0 member, I will add the following to your

    2 Months FREE
    Full StomperNet Elite Membership
    (worth $1,594.00)

    2 FREE Tickets to
    ANY StomperNet LIVE Event
    (worth $2,994.00)

    Beta Tester Status for Don Crowther's
    NEW SMARTS 2.0 Social Media Traffic Strategies
    (This is FULL Access to SMARTS 2.0 that's in development)
    (SMARTS 1.0 was $1497.00)

    ...And finally: You'll be entered into a random drawing to win...

    A "Genuine" Frank Kern Surfboard!

    What that means is you'll get:

    1. Frank teaching you Mass Control in person.

    2. Frank tearing apart your websites, videos, and sales

    3. Frank showing you how to find hot markets.

    4. Frank showing you how to get more people promoting
    your stuff.

    5. Frank getting you fast-tracked to make more money

    Here's what else I can stack on top of this
    for you:

    An Invitation to a full day
    Super-Secret Closed-Door Mastermind
    Session at MC 2.0 with some big-shot dudes -
    I'll be there to serve coffee :)

    Seriously, this is a secret EXTRA DAY that the general
    public doesn't even know about. It's only available to
    my customers and a hand-full of others.

    Andy "Gonzo" Jenkins

    P.S. At the last Mass Control Live - I met Paul Lemberg...
    Just saying...
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    Anyone forking out 2k for this overhyped crap needs their head testing.

    The most i ever spend is around $100 and thats for automated software to get backlinks that cant be cracked.

    The content in this package will be available soon so why the hell buy it?

    Once you get past the slick presentation and polished launch there is no substance. But i gotta say, a lot of people are offering hefty bonuses to shift it so must be a great commission...
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    I wasn't there in the IM world when Frank fired the Howitzer with original mass control.

    But it seems like he's outdone himself this time around... he must have fired a nuke into a pond for the whole IM world is screaming Ma*ss C0ntrol this ... Ma*ss C0ntrol that.

    Let's hope he forget to hide those amazonaws links again ;)
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    Software Engineer
    Mass control is ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooout :D is there any sour that could re upload them for us here ? those who bought the first version of mass control,get the Mass control 2.0 for free ...
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    If not, I'm sure someone will be asking for the mediafire links. :cool:
  11. teenmoney

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    Well it is $2000. So even at 50% affiliate earnings you are looking at $1000 a pop. These guys have 100k+ people in their mailing list. If .5 % people buy it. That is still $500,000 of quick money.

    I have a feeling this is going to be one of the biggest launches ever :)

    Does anyone know what the highest revenue generating launch is to date?
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    Yeah that would be the one Frank Kerns did for Stompernet.

    I've been watching the videos in the members area and from what I see he knows his stuff.

    I learned alot from just watching those videos I can only imagine what mass control has in it. I did use one of the techniques for a video and have seen a rise in the websites traffic that video was promoting...

    Just my 2 cents....
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    the reason why his sale page is soo brief, is because its Frank Ken.
  14. teenmoney

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    Oct 5, 2008
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    Thats true. He doesn't have to do a lot of explaining about the product because he is Frank Kern
  15. lewi

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    Damn this guy knows how to sell.... i just want it for the fancy box and packaging.

    They offer two payment plans.... 1 paying every 30 days the other a lump sum....

    Adeel Chowdry is offering $600 cash back or a laptop
    Ewen Chia a free email on his 500k list i think it is

    Don't know about the others but damn it looks nice.... if i paid for the first month at $1000 then got the $600 and then paid for the second after 30 days and actually made money it would be worth it... but then an email to 500k subscribers could make me loads and loads lol...

    Damn thing.... will leave it a week or 2 and see what free info comes out of this as no doubt if i buy i will just see it here for free a few days later
  16. shafty

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    Its so funny seeing how this dude brainwashes the gullible....

    You can get all his rehashed information and more for a fraction of the price.

    The problem as i see it is that the only people that rave about this crap are the affiliates trying to push it and make the $1000 commission.
  17. ooomph

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    well for one thing he has positive and confident body language in his video which makes the viewer trust his presentation and trust the fact that he know what he's talking about... it's all about the steeple
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    Straight Outta LoCash
    Let me ask this - even if the product is junk, are some of these bonuses worthwhile? For instance, I wouldn't mind being on a mailing to a half-million people. Even if you get one sale in a thousand, that's 500 sales of whatever you're selling. Also - the seminar here in San Diego. Getting an opportunity to interact with people who are banking with IM (or IM products, or whatever) has to be worthwhile. People sometimes forget (or don't know, or don't believe) that it's not just what you know, it's also who you know (even here, where the people who spend time on chat find themselves as Exec VIPs pretty quick, get involved with tasty JVs, etc). I'm chewing on the thought that it might be 2K well spent. -e-
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    Well you were right Teenmoney his product was the BIGGEST launch at 4 million.

    We are in a supposed reccession but he still at sold 1,914 and brought in 4 million.. This should give you some hope as the recession just becomes an excuse for you to be lazy.

    According to "experts", the odds were against me

    1. We're in a recession and nobody's buying stuff.

    2. I launched on a Monday.

    3. People are waiting before making any purchasing
    decisions because they want to see if/when any
    economic stimulus package will be passed.

    4. I launched on a holiday.

    5. Blah blah blah...

    Let me tell you something. 99.99% of the people spouting this
    junk are barely making enough to live on.

    Newscasters are NOT entrepreneurs. They are NOT in business
    for themselves. They are NOT financial experts.

    They are nothing but paid employees who are reading a script.

    So here's what I'd say to the "experts" who would tell you that
    a blockbuster product launch wouldn't be possible today:


    And the reason I'd say that is because 1,914 (and counting)
    of your fellow entrepreneurs STEPPED UP AND TOOK
    CHARGE of their businesses today when they claimed
    their copies of Mass Control.

    With that many new customers, this is my personal biggest launch
    to date (despite the "odds".) <--- almost $4 million today.

    So why did these people ignore the wage-slave talking heads
    on TV? Why did they decide to step up and put Mass Control
    to work in their businesses?

    Because it works. And because it's been proven to work
    over and over again.

    Not just for "gurus" but for "regular" people as well.

    And because Mass Control 2.0 teaches you how to do the
    ONLY thing that's guaranteed to make money matter
    what else is happening in the world.

    ...And that one thing is this: MAKE SALES.

    At the end of the day, that's what Mass Control does for you. It gets you sales.

    And today's launch results are proof.
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    Thats true. I am thinking if you can write a great email and promote a good product you will bank! I mean even if you wanna hire someone to write you a great email thats a couple hundred dollars if you get someone good and the $2000 for the product.

    So you are looking at and this is high $2500 for a really really good sales email.

    So you shoot the email out and only 1000 people buy your $97 product. You just made $97,000-$2500= a profit of $94,500. Now that is a low estimate of people who will buy it. I mean that is only .2%.

    If you get .5% of people to buy since you will have a great sales letter and a targeted email list, that is 2500 people, buying your $97 product making you a quarter of a mil.

    I'm just saying that is a really great bonus and might be worth the $2000 :D