Mass Commenting and Pingning?


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Aug 20, 2010
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Im completely new to BH and I just bought Scrapebox. I wanna use it to rank one of my enzine articles for 4 competitive keywords(The article is highly optimized for those).

Now my idea, if its worth anything :D, is that ezine as so much authority in Google that spamming blogengine blogs is less likely to get my page blacklisted from Google.

I started using Scrapebox yesterday and got myself about 200 links over night.

Now my question is:

Is that too much links at a time?

Should I ping those links or should I let Google find it?(Maybe I could ping the bests and let the crappy get crawled..)

Any suggestions?
Question is has Askimet started to block your site? If not 200 links is not an issue.
OK I dont really know askimet but all I know is that its a plugin that blocks spam on websites.. so if that happens it means that i got on Googles spam list or just that the pulgin itself identifies me as a spammer?

And could I go more that 200 something like 1k a day?
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