Mass Blogging the BlackHat Way....


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Feb 18, 2007
A simple way to start massblogging...

Note: the PDF has links to products from the original author,not mine..:p

Some of that products are or can be found in this forum.:D



  • blackhatmassblogs.pdf
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Thanks for sharing... but would advise caution there were a few things in that there were inadequate / outdated.

For example: you can no longer re-register blogger blogs when they get deleted. The blog is locked for further use.

Also redirecting with a meta refresh is very outdated, doing this with high ranking blogs to affiliate sites etc will kill the high ranking blog. It will be delisted within a month tops...

Not trying to be critical - that pdf had a couple of interesting things in it... but wouldnt jump on the bus too quickly after reading that

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