masive traffic, and no idea what to do with it.

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    hey people.

    i need a little help with ideas.

    i`ve set up a tattoo autoblog a while back, and optimized the ads for tattoo stuff. normally the most logical thing to do right ;).

    i went back to check the stats yesterday, and its getting 700 visits a day, mostly from google.
    i was quit pleased with that so i went on to check banner ctr and earnings for that blog.

    to my surprise it only made a single sale for 5 bucks in more that a month.
    that obviously is next to nothing for the traffic it is getting. and banner ctr is something like 0.01.

    to see whats up i went on to look to the stats some more.
    as it seems virtually all traffic is from searches around "Tess Taylor tattoo".
    its ranking number one actually for one hight volume keyword.

    since the ads on the blog obviously were not suited to this traffic i dumped all the ads and other links and replaced it with adsense. to see what that brings.

    but because i really hate adsense for several reasons i was trying to find some other monitization methods but i can`t really think of something to put on it.

    does anybody have a good sugestion for a program to promote on this blog?
    She seems to be a porn star, but i don`t wanna put porn ads on my blog.

    all help apriciated.

    greets roger
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