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Maryville MO rape case - Let's help anonymous immortalize these rapists. Please Read!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by okpromotions, Oct 16, 2013.

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    Dec 11, 2008
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    fellow bhw members, i live in missouri, and we have a rape case like steubenville oh here in missouri now. 2 very young girls were raped by local football players, and it was all covered up. the rapist is the grandson of a small time missouri politician. please help out if you can. xrumer, nuke, demon, trackbacks, whatever you have. i am throwing everything i have at it. i already have vagex on it, if you have viewet or another service, pour it on. no limits! (but let's stay smart) thermonuclear destruction! viral!

    anonymous is on the case, but let's show them what a little black SEO can do.

    here is the whole story -

    here is the "anonymous" video that has the most traction that i think we should juice. the video in the usatoday article was removed from YT already. i think it was a copy. this video was on the anonymous facebook page.

    these are the terms to use -
    matthew barnett,matt barnett,jordan zech,darren white,robert rice,jim fall,james fall,rex barnett,mike thomson,maryville,maryville mo

    thanks in advance! let it rip! if we can pull all the terms in google, gvid, and YT, i will do a small writeup along with a full ranking report, and let USA today know that an unnamed group of SEO's juiced the video. if the mods here want bhw mentioned, let me know. be some good publicity, but i won't mention bhw unless told to do so.

    shit they have ads enabled on that video? wtf? is that the real anonymous?
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