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Marshall Sylver - Power Programming Live (notes)

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by ricaum, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. ricaum

    ricaum Registered Member

    Aug 7, 2008
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    Vol 1 :

    Sylver tells his "rags to riches" story. [It's the same old "My life was shit, I was so poor, I had nothing, blablabla and now I'm rich and you can too". Basicaly It's "the hero's journey" that most of self-appointed "gurus" tell.]
    [Sylver gets compliance from his audience, asking them to put their hands up, answer questions, to say "yes"... He does that many times.]

    Write down:
    What I believe is true
    Nothing has any power except the power that I give it.
    I will always move in the direction of my dominant thought.

    [Sylver eats fire]

    "What is it that inibits you from eating fire? FEAR!"
    Fear comes from 2 places:
    -previous programming
    -the unknown.

    "In order to things to change, I must change."

    People get "better than nothing relationships" and stay in "better than nothing jobs".

    5 Steps to Creat Total Life Mastery:
    1) Belief
    2) Personal Programming
    3) Planing
    4) Discipline
    5) Passion

    1) Taking charge of what you are thinking inside.

    2) Concious mind: critical factor, the mind that decides what is and what isn't for ourselves.
    Subconcious: It's just a computer and don't make judgement. All It can do is say "Ok, I accept."
    Hypnosis set asides the critical factor.

    4) "I will have either discipline or regrets. Do what It takes to get what you want."

    5) Act as If you are passionate. The fastest way to get what you want in your life is to act as if what you want is already true.
    He walks at the restaurant as he owns the place. [Tells the story about the "usual table" at the restaurant he never went, with confidence and congruency and then he gets the table.]
    "Power is for use".
    "When I'm doing something wrong, right feels wrong."
    "There's a way for me to get what I want that's different from how I'm getting it now." -> "If you keep doing the same thing you've been doing, you'll keep getting the same results."

    "Words have no meanings, people have meanings."

    "The quality of my life is the quality of my communication, both internally and with the outside world."

    To change the outside world, change the inside world.

    Remove "try", "but", "can't" from your vocabulary. Use "do it" and "and" instead. "If I can't then I must."

    When your prospects says "but" he's not sold on the product yet.

    "I must be happy where I am now, because where I'm at later will be where I'm now then".

    Wimp words:
    If: use "When" instead of "If" when talking to other people.
    Hope: reframes "hope" to "know".
    Problem: "reframes "problem" to "challenge".

    Thoughts are things.

    Make a Dream Sheet: People, Places, Things, Rewards, Experiences.
    Write down your ideal day of work. Be specific, use details, even write what people gonna say to you, make a script of your perfect life. [Very similar to Frank Kern's Core Influence"

    Answer those questions.
    What would I do if I knew I couldn't failed?
    What will I do when I know my results?

    Sylver appears shortly on that BBC documentary too http://www.veoh.com/collection/louistheroux/watch/v276446SzMSKqbW (maybe not avaliable on some countries).

    You can find his products on torrent trackers like demonoid.
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  2. ricaum

    ricaum Registered Member

    Aug 7, 2008
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    Vol 2:

    Create a great resistence.

    "The greatest danger of your life is to get comfortable with what you got. Some people get comfortable with a job that just pays their bills."

    Plan Setting (not a goal setting, since when you set a goal you only aim for it, if you get closer you are happy)

    Persuasion Equation

    1) Gain Rapport

    People tend to like people that they're like. People tend to dislike people that they are not like.
    Find commonalities, find what you have in common with them.

    Sylver asks "How is your day going?", because "How you are?" is very common.
    When someone asks you "How you are?", always answer "Perfect" or "Fantastic".

    2) Elict Outcome
    What they want?

    You can always sell a person more than what they want, never less.
    People will give their needs or wants in descending order of importance.

    If your customers say don't know what they want, just say "I know you don't know, if you did know what you wanted, what would it be?"

    3) Help them get it (close).

    4) Get more information
    5) Close again

    Mind Triggers
    "I'm going to"
    "It's happening"
    "It's happened" (diminish buyer's remorse)

    "As you use the product..."
    "You look better as you drive..."

    Hierarchy of Human Values
    Security - making sure you are safe
    Essence of life

    You have to give the first two before give them the Xtras.

    "Small commitments lead to large commitments." Get them to say "yes".

    Tie downs: statements used to affirm positive response
    1) standard: Is it a great day, isn't it?
    2) Inverted: Isn't it a great day?
    3) External: They say
    4) Silent: Nod your head, use
    People don't remember on a concious level what happens subconciously.

    Time bomb: toss it back
    Answer a question with a question to elicit more information.

    1) Note Interested
    a) They ask more questions
    b) They get more affectionate
    c) They are interested in the material you gave them
    d) They look at what Sylver is selling 3 (three) times.

    2) Breath Deep and Frown
    Communicates that maybe he can get what they want, It decreases resistence, since people suspect when everything is too perfect.

    Question that assumes the sale (It's also called double bind)