Marry Christmas - Buy and Sell Gold for Profit!

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    Dec 25, 2012
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    Hi, I have just joined the forum. Before proceeding further, I want to wish you all MARRY CHRISTMAS. Further, being a gold trader, I want to share my experience of buying and selling gold so that others may also get benefit.

    As an investment, gold is both tangible and liquid. You can buy or sell gold easily. Just ask your local dealer. And although the price of gold quoted to you as a buyer will be greater than that paid to the person selling gold (dealer?s profit margin), it will ultimately be more affected by what happens on the world markets. Gold Exchange of London lists twice daily the price of gold, in its various forms as an investment: gold coins (also called gold bullion), gold bars, or certificates of ownership. Naturally, gold bullion is the preferred form for selling and buying gold. Why? Because its origin guarantees the purity of metal, and thus makes the valuation easy. Put simply, gold dealers everywhere in the world know the current price of gold, making the transactions easy to finalize.

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