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Marketing Your Own Products

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Diamond Damien, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. Diamond Damien

    Diamond Damien Owner BlackHatWorld Staff Member Jr. VIP Premium Member UnGagged Attendee

    Oct 27, 2005
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    BHW - of course.
    Home Page:

    One of the main problems within the "inner circle" of the mail order business
    is that everyone is selling everyone else's products. Pages crammed full with
    commission dealerships is turning a good thing out of hand.

    It's been said over and over again, but newcomers to the industry should
    realize that they need to develop their own products and services. Commission
    dealerships are fine to compliment your business if the product is relative
    to your main product, but everyone should strive for developing their OWN
    product too. No one will ever get rich dealing in just commission dealer-
    ships. And people who think this way will give up over a period of time
    because they go broke. Let's stop this madness and spread the word about
    becoming a Prime Source.

    How do you develop your own specialized product or service? It may take a
    few months to get your "feet wet" in mail order to determine your particular
    "niche." However, you should already know the talents you possess inside
    yourself and what your own capabilities are. There has to be more to your
    business than making money!

    What are your hobbies and interests? What would you like to do more than
    anything else and would you do it if you were not getting paid?

    Perhaps you would rather write, edit, paste-up or seal envelopes.
    Dorothy Christian (Shells 345) once explained the "high" she used to get when doing a
    mass mailing. She loved peeling off labels, sticking them on envelopes and
    folding the materials to insert. She said that every envelope she stuffed,
    she felt it would generate a big customer order. This is enthusiasm!

    Therefore, Dorothy could have developed a specialized or confidential
    mailing service. Unlike a big mail where she would be mailing circulars in
    envelopes, but a targeted-mailing for different programs and products.
    (Example: A circular selling books and reports would be marketed only to
    book buyers from lists Dorothy would purchase and use for these types of
    mailings. She also would be careful not to put any conflicting information
    in this special mailing she was preparing for specific customers.)

    You can take anything you sell and creatively turn it into your own prime
    source product. A good friend of mine, Helen VanAllen loved to prepare big
    mails so she created the "Design-Your-Own-Big-Mail-Package." Customers were
    presented with a list of the circulars Helen had on hand and they checked off
    the ones that interested them. This is one example of how an old concept can
    be turned into something new with a twist that makes it YOUR OWN product.

    There are several ideas that other mail order folks used to create their own
    product. You can use the same concept locally also. If you sell vitamins, for
    instance, you could sell them in individual packets and label them for each
    day of the week. Use the vitamins from the company you are working with but
    the individual packets and labels would be your own product. You can also
    charge more for this personal touch.

    You are unique! You are an individual who has special talents and interests.
    Your business should be a reflection of YOU and your own contribution to mail
    order. Mail order is a wonderful business, filled with some of the best
    people in the world. But it's up to every one of us to keep it that way.
  2. arting

    arting Newbie

    Nov 18, 2006
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    thanks for the article :cool:
  3. Free_Ebook

    Free_Ebook Registered Member

    Jan 26, 2008
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    Better to Market our product then other people because we will make money for them not ourselves.