Marketing Tips for Adwords as an Agency to Local Companies.

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by macbookpro, Feb 16, 2012.

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    I am in business for 1 year aldready as a cerficated Google Adwords individual. I have my own company focused on Google Adwords and trying to find local customers who is willing to spend some bucks on Google Adwords. However it's hard to convince some company owner to spend some money on Adwords for more customers and for more profit.

    I hope this topic will be a route planner for newly Adwords agencies. Any ideas, experiences are welcome.
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    Had you try giving them free $100 free on adwords so they try i'm pretty sure not alot of people are going to deny that. since you said you certified you can get those 100 vrochour for free from google. if they see result they are going use your services is a good way to get clients.
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    Selling AdWords management as a standalone service WILL be tougher than selling other forms of advertisement. The reason for this is simple, your prospects will have a tough time wrapping their heads around paying for the advertising AND paying you to manage it.

    As mentioned earlier, giving your prospects a free $100 AdWords voucher will definitely be your go-to method of getting a foot in the door.

    I simply offer AdWords management as an add-on component for my business. I tell my customers that for $xx more per month I will totally manage their AdWords campaigns and along with that I will give them $100 in free advertising to get them "jumpstarted".