Marketing Tip #1 ?? What emotion do you play?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by thedorf, Nov 5, 2010.

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    So I'm cruising through recent threads looking for the occasional golden nugget and I come across a thread that deviates into the "2012 end of the word" niche.

    Somebody responds to the thread and states roughly

    "yea, if you don't mind playing off people's fear".

    Hell, aren't all marketers playing off some emotion?

    2012-------------> fear
    weight loss ------> personal insecurities
    ecigs ------------> addiction
    gambling ---------> addiction
    anti-aging--------> personal insecurity again
    debt ------------> fear ??
    teeth whitening --> personal insecurity again

    This comment referenced above reminds me of someone I heard who once claimed:

    "I ain't no crack addict, I'm a heroin addict!" and this chap believed he was better than crack addicts.

    It's all the same folks. Can you tell me a niche where "mainstream" marketers do not play off the people's wants for improvement or to satisfy a desire?

    Granted, some niches do feel/appear more "moral" than others ( I know I have my limits), but we are marketers.

    I read a thread once where the person stated "don't pick a product, pick a niche, then understand the people the niche appeals to"

    For instance, the "payday loan" niche. Most people here are in debt, yes? These people do not just want a payday loan they want to get out of debt too most likely.

    Or how about "weight loss"? These people probably are wanting to lose weight so some other part of their life improves, whether it be romance or health.

    Is this not how we as marketers make money? By playing off people's emotions?
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    Yes, it's boils down to fear or greed.