Marketing partners needed. Serious Job - Long time cooperation

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    Project Description:
    Its kind of online job that you earn your profit thry promoting one our site.
    Site name is kindle income and its adress is :

    This site is about Kindle Books and how to make it and how to make money
    on Amazon of it. All 100% good no scam or fraud .

    Basicly on site after 19 minutes of video its shown Buy NOW button where customer can order or can leave .
    We dont push ads on site, or Pop-ups or anything anoying...

    Payments are made thry 2Checkout so its all secured.
    What is best? We make your 30% profit of each payment max 7 days after customer buys
    we dont want delays like CPA does.

    So how this working:
    1st you add me to my skype
    2nd I open you branded url lets say name
    3rd I register you to our affiliate system so i need first name, last name, paypal
    adress and email contact adress (could be same)
    4th You receive branded our and on your email entrance to track affiliate status, clicks, payments to you and all.

    Note: Only experienced EMAIL MARKETERS needed or LEAD Providers, others are not welcome.

    Fair and honest and branded job .

    if you are interested page me privatly we can discuss details.