Marketing online products to offliners - fresh meat.

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    Just meant as food for thoughts: a lot of people will tell you that you can't effectively online products / services to offline customers.. and of course, that's mostly true. BUT - you have to keep in mind that offliners / non-internet-experienced people also most likely don't/can't compare prices online or check forums for reviews of a service and it is harder for them to cancel the service. This can work in your favour since you can be able to market a product for a multiple of the typical online price. To be honest, since customer acquisition is more expensive this method works best with subscription based products.

    An example to make it real: You know those sweepstake entry services, you pay a few bucks a month and they take your address and submit it so a few hundred sweepstakes/contests in order to raise your chance to win something. In reality most are simply selling your address to the marketing companies / sweepstake providers or use a bot to submit the data and the whole service can be provided for very little money. Pretty hard to find onliners who still fall for that. It's different with offline customers, though. We market products like that at a price of about 30-40 EUR a month(!) to offline customers, using a generated email address for them for submission. Only thing they get from us is a letter and a link to a website listing the sweepstakes they are taking part in during the current month.. and since they're mostly offliners almost no one even checks. Still, average customer life span is currently about 4 months, that makes up for the higher acquisition costs (print mailings / cold calls). We (the company I am doing product / business development for) currently have a nice four digit number of active customers, so yeah, it CAN be 'kind of' profitable to market pure online products to people who don't even have an internet account.

    Bottom line: think out of the box, try something new.. sometimes even the ideas that appear to be very stupid bring in a surprise and give you a big smile. ;) I am pretty sure there are a lot of products that could work with a similar scheme.