Marketing: Music Business 101: Real Advice by CipherKam

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    First of all, I hope this post is in the right category. I watched an interesting video on Youtube about the music business searching for new ways to market and promote a new project on my agenda. Noway, I am interested working in that niche, however, from my experience business is business and marketing is marketing depending on your project. So to make a long story short, I needed to create a new marketing strategy.

    Go on Youtube type "Music Business 101: Real Advice" choose the video by CipherKam. For me, I picked up a few pointers that were extremely useful for my current project. Sometimes, I must have an open mind to listen to what people have to say about their project in order for me to gain more insight about what avenues I should take to promote my project.

    I hope you find this video useful.
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    I worked in Nashville for a while in the music business and I cant stress enough that the money made in that industry is often made on those wanting to make vs those who have made it.