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    I just want to share with this tool you can get unlimited social media (Google +1, Facebook Like, Twitter Post) and this is 100% free but you can get more point with the membership plan.

    See here how important social media is for ranking on google :

    Register here for free and get 20 free signal point with this link : (affiliate link but you get 20 free signal point for free)

    In this moment i am running this tools with 5 account google and 5 twitter and i get more than 900 social media each day for free.

    Little Intro :

    I will make this short and sweet.
    My friend and I needed some social marketing tool/service for our projects but after using quite a few of them, sadly none was really good, so being developers and IMers for the very long time now, we decided to make our own, one which will tick many boxes, will be FREE but also with paid options, will have some advanced features and possibilities, but very easy to use, in other words something for everyone. So we worked very hard over past months to create this tool and we are finally done and this is the result.


    What is Markething.Me all about?

    This new website will have different tools/service in the future, but initially we started with social networks(social signals) and various promotions on them, because we think they are one of the main factors these days in ranking as well as in generating traffic, social proof etc...

    How it works?

    It is really quite easy, we made every aspect of it very simple yet very effective.

    Basically it is credit/social signal type of system, where you earn or buy credits/social signals which will in return allow you to use Markething.Me services.

    In short, you will register, add few social accounts, download the MM Agent which will do social submissions/tasks for other people automatically (G+1s, Likes, Tweets, etc..) with your social accounts, that way you can earn social signals/credits, which will then allow you to add your own social projects/tasks for thousands of other users in the network to submit them with their MM Agents.

    If you don't want to run MM Agent to earn social signals, you can then just buy social signals and start using our service immediately.

    Is it free?

    Yes it is , we have FREE accounts and paid memberships, as well as the options to buy social signals, so something for everyone.

    Key Features:

    Advanced Submission Options (choose num of signals, num of days, starting day, signal distribution options, etc...)
    Management Dashboard (awesome control panel system, where everything is just a click away, which is responsive design as well )
    Statistics & Charts (You will love these statistics and charts )
    Detailed Reports (if you need more detailed report, you will have it)
    Notification System (great way to always know what is going on)
    No Manual Work (This is great because, submissions of social signals are done same as they would be done manually, but only auto with our cleverly coded agent/client app called MM Agent)
    End much more...

    PLEASE NOTE: In order to earn credits with your social accounts you need to install and run MM Agent on your PC!

    Register here for free and get 20 free signal point with this link :