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    Whatever I want
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    I am an experienced Landing Page Designer and also Skilled with WP and SEO. The reason for this thread is to test the waters before I launch my service business (here on BHW of course when I can, and IF I am approved)

    chiky_cin has a great micro niche service so I am not going there so I have come up with 2 ideas... a mini authority site service and a cpa campaign service, here we go:

    Crazy High Ranking Mini Authority site idea

    You provide a general keyword
    I use my tools / knowledge to build a nice big keyword tree with only attainable keywords that add up to big traffic (some semi long tail and some medium comp)

    I make a mini authority site in WP that has 15 articles
    (varying in length from 4-650 words- yes it matters to keep it random not all 500 words) all articles have a picture and YES I they are named appropriately. and some random articles will have a link in content that goes out to an authority site, not always the same site.

    There will also be 5 articles queued up to post weekly
    so you will have unique content for at least a month and a week

    I will design a professional custom header that kicks ass and makes the site look sweet

    I will also make sure your site is "light" and fast loading
    since load time is getting even more important. In this regard please note that your images will all be small highly optimized pics that are light as well.

    Correct on page SEO (of course) and sidebar page list for optimum link structure, with internal page links in content to relevant pages with anchor text

    no links out to wp on footers etc

    and now for the best part, cause this is an authority site right?

    OFF PAGE STUFF (may or may not include in service, much more work)

    take 5 of the articles (spun well) and make web 2 properties that point to money site (main page)

    I will point 5 PR 3 and above links (the links are on PR 3 PAGES) to the web 2 properties to pass page rank to the main page with anchor text of main KW (not on the pr page but on the web 2 page the pr page is pointing to)

    next I will do a quick blast of 1k or so profile links pointing to web 2 sites and a few to the money page.

    now what you have is a mini authority site that will rank like a MF and is ready to grow and be sold for a MINT (if you wish), and you start off with REAL PR lnks from the get go and a 5 web 2s. This process works it looks very natural and g loves bigger sites with unique content that helps the user.

    monetize with adsense or cpa or cb or whatever- but if you are planning on adsense let me know cause there are special kws for that!

    OK that was the first Idea......

    Idea #2 CPA CAMPAIGN IDEA (ads and landers)

    the second Idea is to make High converting landing pages and the ads that go with them for people that run ppc / social traffic. You would specify what platform, like FB, POF, or just text ads, I will do all platforms. Basically I create continuity from ad to lander and it converts well. If you want to change the ads, change them! But def split test mine.

    Many of you have seen my landers / ads in my last shares and you know that they are not dupes or copies they are totally unique per order.

    So those are my 2 ideas, the first one is much more work but I am game for either of these, I am equally skilled in both areas.

    also please post what you may expect to pay for either service, I will not hold you to it when I launch (lol) I am just testing the market and I want to provide a high quality service for my friends here.

    the micro sites
    chiky_cin offers are priced as such:

    4X 400 words unique and supreme quality content
    20,000 backlinks - live and guaranteed


    just as a point of reference so you can see what some other services are going for. props to chiky for such a highly respected service!

    I am not selling here but seeing what you guys would rather pay money for.... and how much you would feel is reasonable and fair to pay .....I really appreciate your input.

    I am thinking at least 250-300 bucks for the authority model? What do you think?

    maybe the lander/ ad package would be like 50 bucks for the lander and a set of 5 different ads for FB/ POF or text ads? Keep in mind it is all totally unique per your offer, so if you are doing Match.com they are PERFECT for your offer, same look and feel. everything...very high quality.

    OK let me know what you think
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    I think you should go for the second option. Many of us need a professional landing page in order to have a successful campaign. So I would love to pay 50$ for the guy who can design the page suitable with my offer.
    And one more thing, I'm sure they will accept your service since it's a unique one. Go ahead, mate.