Market Samurai - Guide to Identifying a Niche

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    Hey guys, i've played around with Market Samurai and it's great, but i still don't know how to find a good niche as well as some here.

    I have done some searching and ruoall posted some interesting information (here) regarding the SEO section which i'll list below.

    Besides this has anybody got any pointers at how to identify a good niche to go into? Or what "rules" do you guys use to know whether to go after a specific domain on the first page?

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    #1 The first thing to look for is whether more than one competitor has a ‘Y' (a Yes) in ALL the YAH, Title, URL, Desc & Head columns. If there is more than one site, you should pass on this keyword and move into the next one.

    #2 If no you then need to look at the Pagerank of each of the websites (PR column) and make sure that there are at least two sites with a Pagerank of 3 or below in the top 10.

    #3 You then need to look at the number of backlinks that each of these pages have pointing to them (BLP) and check that there are two sites with less than 50.
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    Any other suggestions? Thanks :)
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    its not really an exact science and it also depends about how competitive you want.

    i'm doing microniches so i do >30 searches a day + <20,000 SEOC (in quotes). after that i get a good idea for what looks good but i still have to go the seo competition area. i look at whats rankig. if there are sites that dont have any content on the keyword i'm ai'ming for but they only got #1 since they are an authority site that mentioned the keyword, you can discount the competition.

    if they have the keyword quite a bit, you should look at the domain age and PR (<=3 usually good).

    thats about all i do for micro niche keyword research. of course if you are going more competitive, you can stretch those requirements quite a bit but you need relatively more backlinks
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    If it were as easy as some kind of scientific formula someone would automate the whole process and the small imer wouldnt have a chance. There is a lot of human factors and thinking involved. Also need to think about how each niche will make money.