Market Sam/Traffic Travis/MNF ??? on data and difficulty of rank

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    A question for market samurai users: how do you get around the fact that MS does not offer any suggestions in its SEO competition module for difficulty of ranking a keyword?

    Other tools like traffic Travis or micro niche Finder at least give you some suggestion on how difficult it would be to rank. For example traffic travis offers a star rating system from easy to difficult. Micro niche Finder I believe does the same thing although I haven't used it in a while so I can't remember it's rating system.

    Market samurai simply presents this huge amount of color coded information and leaves it up to you to decipher all of this data.

    My current example is: I have a keyword phrase which has an enormous amount of searches over 1 million exact search. Not a single site which ranks in the top 10 has the phrase in the title, domain, description or head tags.

    Traffic Travis would rate this as an easy site to rank for and I would agree. Except for the fact that each of these domains has age of years and plenty of back links.

    Market samurai gives me no indication except some red on the left and green on the right which of course indicates good and bad.

    How do you as a market samurai user deal with this data?

    • just from experience in the seat-of-the-pants?
    • Or do you have a tool that deciphers this data?

    Thank you