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    Looking to sell market research reports produced by a pro UK marketing agency to UK businesses. Agency sells these reports for $4000+ each and obviously, I'm attempting to provide them for significantly cheaper than that! I don't work for the agency so security is a concern - maybe blackhat pro's can help there. The reports cover a huge variety of topics from Sunglasses to Cars to BBQ's or e-Commerce.

    Finding it hard to monetize the literally millions of pounds of data I'm sat on, theres $30,000 of reports on the car industry alone on just one data source (have 4-5 more databases in additiion to the primary one). If you think you could locate buyers possibly through your business lists you've built or whatever then add blinus3 to Skype for a IM chat. Making 0 sales at the moment so feel free to charge me 90% commission - even more if you can create a 101% secure method of exchanging data from me to the client & the payment too perhaps (all anonymously). Even if you can't help with sales, I'd be interested in security solutions to keep me anonymous when accepting payments from people and ideally also when exchanging files to them.