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    Okay, thinking about returning to my roots of hosting and wanted to put feelers out there for what sort of hosting are people looking for nowadays?
    Its it shared, reseller, VPS or pure dedicated? What OS - Linux, Windows? Control panel wise, take it cPanel is still #1 but what about Directadmin or are people happy installing their own freebie ones like Webmin etc?

    Guess the biggest points now will be on price.

    Looking to set this up in the next few weeks anyway to expand the brand for, but would like to incorporate what people are really looking for and as this place seems to be my regular stomping ground and the majority of you guys know what you want I thought it would be a good place to ask opinions from.

    I will say that I will not be competing with the 'businesses' that give you everything for pennies. People know what my support is like from the bot side of life, the hosting support will be on the same level so there is no way I will be doing that for pennies :D

    Cheers all - hope to see some answers today :)
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