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    Ok so I gotta brand new EMD site & I'm trying to get my SEO chops up. This is what I've done so far:

    7/10 - Created 3 pages of Original Compelling Content based on 3 KW - Direct 24k SB blast to get indexed - Result: danced from position 191 to unranked

    7/15 - created 3 Original content web2.0s all links pointing to main KW - light initial SB blast - Result: #32

    7/16 - created powerpoint slideshow based on 2nd KW made a quicktime movie & uploaded to YT. Blasted SB. 151 links indexed as per Majestic

    7/17 - Continued blasting 1st tier of web2s - Result: #28

    7/22 - Rabbitgirl hook me up with over 400 PR1-7 profile links. Ran another mild direct blast to Main KW - Result: #17

    7/26 - Woke up this morning to find Im back down at #32. Finished 2nd tier Web2.0 Original Content targeting 2nd KW. Pointing 1 link to inner page with targeted anchor, another link to 1st web 2.0 using proper anchor & a 3rd link to main page of $$$. 30k Blast to 2nd tier all with KW anchor.

    To DO LIST:

    1. Just got approved for AMR whitelist. Purchase AMR & sentence spintax 5 whole articles pointing to both money site & web2.0s then blast live links with SB.

    2. Create 3rd web 2.0 tier, use IAW to scrape and mix mid grade content rubbish with keyword SEO'd. Links pointing back to tier->2->1->Money. And blast the dog shit out of tier 3.

    3. Submit Content movie to more video portals. Not sure about this one. Recommendations?

    4. Submit Powerpoint slides to those slide sites I keep hearing about (can someone tell me a little about this?)

    5. Socially bookmark. I am a total noob with social book marking & I sure as shit dont want to manually do one site after another. Is there a site I can knock out 20-30 social bookmarks in 1 go? Free?

    I'm trying to take a more structured approach and really come at this like a biz one step at a time rather than my previous attempts of flying by the seat of my pants. So Please, any suggestions or advice would be a big help.
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    Can you tell us a little about the keyword?
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    It depends on your top ten competitors... Post them so we can see it... And sometimes it just take some time to get ranked...
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    I hope your main site has good content and lots of it!