Manufacturer of Apparel products!! Do not think about Chinese Products!

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    Hello Members

    We Marke knit and wears LTD. from Bangladesh wants to Introduce Ourself online via this forum. We are manufacture of knit and wears products.We manufacture your custom Design products with best quality and in reasonable price than Chinese, Thailand products.
    You have to show us the design and size of your products then we will quote you the best price for you.You can order your own logo and design to introduce your own brand in your country. That will boost your Marketing.
    Now you should not have to think about wholesalers,Dealers and your Upfront payment via Western Union,paypal etc. We accept Bank L/C.

    More information:

    Fabrics We use
    Viscose,Polyester,cotton with Lyra,Mesh,Paisley,Terry,Jacquard,Jersey,Interlock,RIB Knit,wool etc.

    Color we use:- Any color of your need, Later we will give you booklet to choose color.

    Size:- XXS,XS,S,M,L,XL,2XL,3XL,4XL,5XL

    Some sample products :-
    For:- Kids,Boys,Girls,Men,Women

    Products:- Tee Shirts,Polo's,Hoodie,sleeve,Jumper,Tops,Sweater and other.

    Minimum Order:- 1000 Pcs of same design and color.(Include 4 different size that you can choose)

    Payment:- Bank L/C,T/T

    Shipping:- Shipment in any country via EMS,cargo and others.

    If you need further information then you can reply this thread we will provide you the contact information in PM.


    Sorry for my bad english.

    Virustotal report of above link.