manual review soon


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Mar 27, 2012
Do you guys know how long it takes google to review a site after they get the complaint?

Guess i ticked off a competitior. Saw a comment on one of my T1 handmade blogs saying he was submitting me for manual action.

Not really sure what to expect on this.
first thing i did was remove the link back to my money site from the blog post, but i am assuming they reported my moneysite.. not just the T1 link.
I don't think google really reads or takes action much when they get a abuse report.
Think they mentioned themselves they don't really have the time to look into everything so it can take months.

If these reports would really work well most of the serps would be pretty clean and they're not.
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I agree that your douche competitor isn't likely to get any action from it. Maybe if he tries to send you fake traffic or click bomb u he might get somewhere, or neg seo you. Who knows. Depends on how serious he is.

It's a mine field. I worry too if I'll get attacked. I've already been attacked, actually.
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