Manual Directory Submissions to PR0 -PR8 Directories-Quality & Fast Results

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Hi Ankur

Did you get my PM yesterday for

600 PR0-PR9 Directory Submissions $18
100 Top Social Bookmarking - $12

I have paid by PayPal?????

I have just paid for 200 PR3+ Directory Submissions to test out - 6$. I will post results when finished. Thank you Ankur.
Paid today the 3k directory submission

I'll post review when finished.

Arthur is being really fast at the replies and these things...

Thanks mate!
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Bought 3k directory submission, and it's done in just 2 days!
This guy really rocks =P

Already recived 705 e-mails from the Directories...sounds good...

I'll post a bigger review when I start see the results and when I recive more confirmation e-mails and these things...

But, until now, I'm really enjoying his service!

Rate: 9/10
Hi Ankur. Also awaiting feedback please :) Also - what is used as the anchor text for the submissions? Thanks.
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The order I placed has been confirmed.
Communication with Ankur is great!

Looking forward to the results!:)
just drop order for * 400 PR0-PR9 Directory Submissions - 12$. today and let's wait for the report soon ....
Hey guys , i bought his service (100 sub. first) and service is great ;)

So want cheap and reliable service? - ankur is your man!

15 August drop order for * 400 PR0-PR9 Directory Submissions - 12$
16 Augsut i get complete report for this service .....

how fast he do his job !!
excellent !! 5/5 star i give for his service !!
My orders for both the Manual Directory Submissions and
the Social Bookmarking were completed quicker than expected.

I'm already seeing great results - I'll be using his services again.

Thanks much!
i tried ankur out

no matter how much i explained that I wanted anchor texts for titles he never did it

his list of directories really sucks, some of the places my links were placed are such FFA link farms that my site was put in spam databases and all my sites on my shared hosting were bombarded with spam
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