Manual Directory Submissions to PR0 -PR8 Directories-Quality & Fast Results

Not open for further replies. I tried out his submission service and am getting tons of emails. So good! I think BHW members alone can keep him employed! I feel selfish now and I hope he stays around our bunch.

thanks for the positive review
such reviews encourage us in working more efficiently for you people

moreover I have a large team of operators so I can manage a lot of work from this forum and other forums too:D:D

furthermore I would like to tell that BHW has kept me occupied to a huge extent and thanks a ton to all the members here:):)

and you dont need to be selfish buddy as I love to be here on this forum:)

expecting more orders from you people


I just placed an order and Ankur reply to me confirming the order. Look forward to have the report though.

Thanks Ankur..
just placed another order with ankur for 3,000 submissions.

his social bookmarking work was good as well (my first order)

will review for everyone once i get results...!
I am going to check out as a trail run with 12 $ and if i am happy i am sure i will be coz he is very quick in responding both in email and IM. If i am satisfied with his work will probably give him some more package for sure.
OK here my final review of ankur service

TAT is just like what he promised, that way it built me my trust for next order.

All submissions are doing well, I ordered the 200 sub and all of them PR dir. Can't wait to see the site jump in rank.

I have deal with other service provider, ankur service is one of the best. Recommended.

Thanks Ankur
I'm sorry, I'm a newbie and I want to know what is review copy? Is it a description about ankur's job or what? Thanks
I'm interested in your service. Can you please PM me. How is this service different from using Bookmarking Demon for instance?

Thanks in advance!
I just ordered the 800+ package to try him out ... Ankur is super fast in responding...

Hopefully it works out...
Good service great price! I started out with 100 directories and so far so good. I started seeing email verifications within a couiple hours of placing my order. Next I will try the bookmarking service.
I ordered 800 directory links... got a ton of emails to respond to. Will see in the coming month or so how many directories actually accept the submissions made.

All that being said, he did deliver what he said he would - all in 24 hours too. Good for him for providing such a service.
alright so everyone is happy with the emails you've been getting to about the results based on the directories he's chosen? what kind of increases in backlinks are you guys seeing after time? im interested, but wondering how you guys feel about it
This is my second order with Ankur and as usual he gave me fast TAT. I also add little fee to hire Ankur clicking the confirmation link.

I would use Ankur for more of my websites. Truly recommended.

Thank you Ankur..
Not open for further replies.
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