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Hi Ankur, I emailed you a few days and haven't received a reply from you yet. Can you do Niche based submissions?
This guy doesn't bother to reply to Emails or posts. Great business you run mate
I ordered this package a week ago and posted in the thread + sent pm and still no reply. Looks like maybe this thread is dead.
Hi, are you still offering this directory submission service? I see that no one has replied on this thread since 2011, so I want to be sure before I send you pmt and details. Thanks!
Still no reply after a week, so Professional SEO user is probably correct.

I want to try out your service, but I don't have the PM ability. Can we talk on Skype?
When we submit to some directories we get an error "This site's HTTP response code is not 200. The site is not accepted" but then on discussion with the server host, they say that the website having a 304 Not Modified code response is just fine and not an issue. Nevertheless, a couple of directories stubbornly refuse to let us submit our site due to this not 200 "error."
Not open for further replies.
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