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Nov 23, 2008
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Hi all fellow BHW members, I have been on BHW since few days and I have read about the Manual Directory Submissions that some members provide. I am well versed in SEO Services and I am dedicated to offer my services to my fellow BHW members.

I assure you that I will provide a high quality service which will be worth your money.

* All the directories have High Acceptance Ratio.
* All the directories are SEO Friendly.
* The submitted directories DO NOT require reciprocal links.


* 100 PR4+ Directory Submissions - 3$.
* 150 PR4+ Directory Submissions - 5$.
* 200 PR3+ Directory Submissions - 6$
* 400 PR0-PR9 Directory Submissions - 12$.
* 600 PR0-PR9 Directory Submissions - 18$.
* 800 PR0-PR9 Directory Submissions - 24$
* 1000 PR0-PR9 Directory Submissions - 30$.
* 1200 PR0-PR9 Directory Submissions - 36$.
* 1500 PR0-PR9 Directory Submissions - 45$
* 2000 PR0-PR9 Directory Submissions - 60$
* 2500 PR0-PR9 Directory Submissions - 75$
* 3000 PR0-PR9 Directory Submissions - 90$

Order Placement:

Please PM me and give me the following details so that I can submit your site to the best category and also have a smooth transaction.

* Name : [Name of the website to be submitted.]
* Your Name : [Your real name or the desired name you want along with the description of your site.]
* Title : [Need 2 for proper division.]
* Description : [Need 2 Descriptions of 150+ & 500 Characters so that I can use them simultaneously according to the limit specified in most of the directories.]
* URL : [URL of the site to be submitted.]
* Categories : [Please provide at least 3 categories.]
* Keywords : [Please provide at least 5 keywords.]
* E-Mail : [E-mail address to receive the confirmation e-mail.]


Payment is accepted through Paypal.

my paypal id is [email protected]

if you are paying by credit card then send the payment to [email protected]

Eagerly Waiting For Your Precious Orders.

2 free review copies for the first two customers

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this looks interesting but you should probally make a couple more posts before you offer your services. We have no idea who you are and if it is safe to send out money to you. Another thing is that normally people here, especially when they are new, offer a couple free review copies of the service to some members so they can give a review and a testimonial for you.
if you are going to post review copies - I will take one - I currently use several services from members of this board and I can give a detailed review...let me know...

Until I see someone post results I cant just fork over money to a stranger - I hope you understand!
Yeah he already pm'd me his service and i told him i would like a review copy first and so will other member before he gets any orders.
k you guys he is giving me a review copy. I will tell you how it goes.
no offense you guys, really, but normally review copies go to more respected members. I know I am no guru and only have 200 posts myself, but you should have more than 10 posts before asking for a review copy

3 review copies have been given to vivalafeva,winterraven and manudevil20

so i would like to inform you all that no more review copies left for now

would be accepting paid orders from now on

thanks everybody for the overwhelming response!!

waiting for your orders

do you have a list of directories that you would be submitting to?
thanks ankur, just sent you all the info I will post a review when its done. I would reccomend going around and making some more posts in the forum so it will be easier to get business from people because you will be more well known and trusted.
well if he does it i will put him on blast all over this place....AlphaBeta7 is about to be in my signature for articles....and im not opposed to adding anyone and everyone who does a good job for me!
Imnot sure if this is completed, but here is my honest review.

Last night I went to bed around 11pm. I woke up at 6am to find about 20 emails from directory sites just confirming my site is being reviewed for submission. Many were directories I have never heard of, but hey - a link is a link!

I got the $3 service for free, and it is worth it to anyone who lives by the motto "TIME IS MONEY." I make a good chunk of change every hour, this would have taken me a few hours to do...all the copy and pasting, keywords, would be a huge PITA and would have cost me a few hundreds bucks of my time - much better to pay these guys a couple of dollars and have them do it.

Will my site get posted? I dont know...stay tuned for further updates :)
Just for the record - none of these directories were little crap directories - all had very good PR between 4-8. So when the links get put up there, that will be very good for my site. As I said, this saved me hours of work - this is a GREAT DEAL for any white hat sites that need long term rankings. Here is a list that was provided to me after everything was complete.


This list was nicely made in an excel sheet along with corresponding PR. I can see that my site was added as promised. He has come through on all promises.

A+++++ Service!
Yeah i agree. I also got several emails telling me to confirm the link placement and got the same spreadsheet as well. He came through and it would be well worth the money. Thank you ankur. :)
My review for this service is that for the price it is GREAT. I would reccomend it to anyone. All the work was completed and it was completed very quickly. I will be using Ankur's services again. Thanks Ankur.
I'm wondering if this will help for some "Quick" rankings ?
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I'm wondering if this will help for some "Quick" rankings ?


thanks for your interest in my services

this would definitely help in high PR and good rankings too because this is a whitehat method and is one of the essential factors for contributing to better backlinks and more visitors

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