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Maniuplation, wariorform, and Harl-an Killstein Called Out On A Scam...

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by MaskedMarketer, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. MaskedMarketer

    MaskedMarketer BANNED BANNED

    May 26, 2008
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    The other day I opened an email by Dr. Killstein, the NLP "guru" who gets caught using his tactics for manipulating people for his own financial gains.

    This is what it read:

    Title: This Guy's Stuff Is Scary

    Frankly, this guys stuff is scary.

    edit link

    He's using what's called Underground Hypnosis to
    control people.

    Now I've heard of hypnosis being used to control
    people but that is mostly in shows.

    This guy Taylor is doing it in real life and...

    Even worse...

    He's teaching others how to do it too.

    I wrote to the National Institute of Hypnosis
    but they weren't interested because this guy
    isn't a member.

    Frankly, I bought this guy's product just to see
    whether the rumors were true.

    They are.

    edit link

    You have to make an ethical decision as to whether
    you want to use this stuff.

    You've got to make the choice.


    OTC Publishing
    370 West Camino Gardens Blvd
    Boca Raton, FL 33432


    I think the guys name is Taylor Star that sells the underground hypnosis course which is pure junk, hype, and waste of time.

    I thought nothing of the email... Went on with my day... And saw a post by Dr. Killstein bragging that he made 5k in one day with this product.

    By now, im sick of this bitch ass using his NLP for unethical, manipulation, for his own financial gains.

    What I did is make a post to the topic and only one person (trained in ericksonian hypnosis for years) called this dude out. The herd was praising Dr. killstein for his accomplishment! Pretty pathetic and sad..

    Knowing how admin is on payroll with the gurus, I copied my posts and saved them. Why?

    Because the topic is now gone!!! LOL

    They can't outsmart me, always 3 steps ahead of the game ;)

    You can find the topic on the Wforum searching for the NLP Techniques and see post 24 where he bashes igor (hypnotist course), when his course is actually TOP NOTCH. And worth WAAY more than the 197 that is being charged.

    Then Dr. Killstein promotes a product atleast 100 times less valuable than the one he is bashing, for financial gain- and I call this fool out on his scam.

    By the way- Igors course is recommended highly by top, master hypnositst like kevin hogan- and Kevin Hogan is recongnized by the national guild of hypnotists.

    Who the f*ck is Dr. Killstein anyway? A SCAMMER

    You can read the posts below on how Dr. Killstein manipulates people with NLP, unethically, for his own financial gains. You'll see how he bashes his competitors that are very good, then goes ahead and promotes a product that is pure shit.

    Posts below

    Originally Posted by Chris Thompson View Post
    Harlan - I got your email also, probably from your NLP copywriting list. I'm trained in Ericksonian hypnosis (and I assume you are also?). I looked at this guy's site ages ago and concluded that the product is a POS. I would never promote it so I deleted your email and I assumed that you never actually checked out the product either.

    Who cares if the product sucks as long as it confuses people and makes money?

    The course is over priced, over hyped, and under- delivers. I'm surprised Harlan would promote a sub-par product like this.

    Actually, im not.

    Some people out there do it for the money. And some people do it to actually help people with valuable products with reasonable prices.

    A little while ago Harlan didn't recommend Igor Ledochowski course- although top master hypnotists in the field of hypnosis do praise this course.

    And now he's promoting a course thats probably 100 times less valuable than the course that he said he does not recommend!

    Maybe Harlan doesn't want the competition of a real hypnotist, lol.

    I hope your not scared of competition.

    I know there is a reason why he didnt send it to his "hyper responsive list".

    Because he didn't want to insult them with this type of marketing and lose there trust.

    I receive more valuable information in a free newsletter from Kevin Hogan than this product offers for all the money they are charging.

    If you want to subscribe to a hypnosis, NLP, persuasion, master and authority (that provides more value than most paid product ebooks on the subject) then sign up to coffe with Kevin.

    Kevin Hogan values his customer/prospect list and would not insult his subscribers to BS like this.

    In other words, hes not looking to rip you off with trash. He has multiple internationally, best selling books and he also values his reputation.

    I wouldn't trust Harlan after this stunt.

    If you have no morals or values, then by all means promote this product, because it converts!


    Originally Posted by Chris Thompson View Post
    I have a copy of Igor's course. I actually think that, while it is a TON of material for anybody new to the field of hypnosis to digest, Igor is spot on with his teaching, especially some of the very important fine points.

    You know ... Igor has been doing hypnosis for a lot less time than me, but he is WAY better, he has mastered this stuff beyond what most good hypnotists will ever achieve. Shows what happens when you focus on something. I like Igor's product. I feel good promoting it because it is definitely worth the money.

    Its good to see people here that care about what they promote. I dont have igors course, and it is a TON of info, but reputable people promote it.

    Why would Harlan put down a course that can actually help people and promote one that actually STEALS MONEY FROM YOU?

    Not only is it overpriced, but you have to sit through multiple audio programs that are fluff and filler. Time is money.

    Scared of competition? Scared people won't need you?

    You can't fool everyone, Harlan

    Here's what Harlan had to say about someone promoting a "crap product".

    Please, don't be fooled by his manipulation..

    Thread is here: Anyone Use NLP Persuasion Techniques?

    Post # 24

    "I was sent Igor's covert hypnosis set to review before they were published.

    I had previously bought (and returned) his book on Deep Trance.

    I buy dozens of books from Amazon each week. Way too many to count.

    In my life, I have returned only one book - Igors. Pure crap.

    I called the person promoting the set and after listening to the first few CDs told him this guy was a BS artist and to redo the set.

    On the other hand, Kevin Hogan's work is excellent."

    (even Dr. Killstein knows that Kevin Hogan is a REAL authority, not some scammer looking to take your money)

    Kevin Hogan Promotes Igors course. Kevin has international best sellers. Kevin is highly recognized by the national guild of hypnotists.

    Nice story Harlan

    Bad manipulation

    Too many posers on the internet

    And I can't respect a sell out....


    I can't stand people being over charged for hype- to line the pockets of these scammers. And worst of all- he is misleading people away from an excellent product, that really can change the quality of your life.

    I had to rant somewhere,

    Thanks for listening my blackhat friends and always beware of these scam artists trying to mislead you for there own financial gain..

    And im all about making tons of money, but not by degrading yourself selling low quality, rip off products...
  2. dating101

    dating101 Regular Member

    Aug 6, 2008
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    Out of work Construction Superintendent. Local rea
    He is a hack, they are all hacks.
  3. Choronzon

    Choronzon Power Member

    Apr 20, 2008
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    After studying Bandler & Grinder "Frogs into Princes", "Tranceformations", "Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton Erickson" etc.. etc.. and a ton of Bandler and also Erickson material (I own almost everything Richard Bandler has released), I downloaded this underground, covert, claptrap.

    To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. Usually, in a product, you find at least one or two hidden gems or words of wisdom or ways of looking at things that you hadn't previosly considered. This had none of that.

    Don't waste your time boys and girls. There is no such thing as underground hypnosis, unless you mean the good ol' Pattern Interrupt and that is NOT covert or underground.

    Sorry for the "I agree" post but in this case you have hit a nerve and I do, whole heartedly concur.
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  4. MaskedMarketer

    MaskedMarketer BANNED BANNED

    May 26, 2008
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    While what you say is true, and may even be well known- I wouldn't feel right not exposing this fool. Had to be done.

    To the poster above me..

    It really hit a nerve with me as well- which is why I MUST expose this fool. Business is about helping people- not misleading and manipulating them... I don't normally get mad, but seeing people f*ck with peoples minds like that gets me real, real, heated...
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2008
  5. blackhaze

    blackhaze Power Member

    Jan 11, 2008
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    self made millionaire
    in the matrix
    i bought a "new age" list and send out many thousands with that exact email after i read about the "so called" success of this product over at W.

    I also hired someone to send out thousands of myspace bulletins, again, same email.

    I made TWO sales.

    Enough said.
  6. bhumas

    bhumas Newbie

    Aug 2, 2008
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    Very interesting...

    I know that Conv Rates of 0.5% aren't uncommon on big lists but I would have expected higher from a "pro copywriter"
  7. DimaKritchevski

    DimaKritchevski Registered Member

    Jan 29, 2009
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    Master of Extended Unemployment
    Melb, AUS
    I think the email copy that Harlan used on his personal list may not be appropriate for a cold list. It's very 'conversational' we've known eachother for a while and I just wanted to quickly mention this thing... kinda style, not entirely appropriate for cold lists imo... that being said, i do have the product, it is pretty crap and I don't dispute the fact that harlan is full of shit.