Manipulating in-store computer Google results? (using cookies?)

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    My cousin owns a computer store and very often, customer comes in and use the store's computer to check other parts and brands before buying. Is it possible to manipulate search results on that particular computer? I suppose it has something to do 'logging in' to a gmail etc. (reverse engineering theory - since people often say LOG OUT to check real SERP).
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    A cookie certainly isn't going to do much.

    Some better ideas are to...

    1: edit the windows host file and redirect and other major search engines to a custom search engine of your choice.

    2: Use a bot to hijack queries and alter the results shown to display a list of known sites that have higher prices.

    3: Prevent your account from being logged out by using the windows hostfile to redirect the logout button to the Google home page so no matter how many times they hit logout it just brings them back to the search page and they have to start all over again, lol ... They will be confused as shit and think "Google's broken wtf".

    3b. You will need to use a special tool to disable browser settings, just Google around many software programs are on the market that do this.

    4. Fake hacked pages, there are various tactics for you to hijack the browser request and make the page like Yahoo or Bing look like it was hacked by some extremists, hackers, or political groups. Just Google image search for hacked sites, grab the image, do some html magic and make it appear as though the other search engines have been hacked.

    5. Edit each computers settings so only your store catalog can be viewed. Companies like best buy do this all the time.

    6. Password protect your wireless in the store so people are less apt. to be able to use their mobile phones for product search and comparison.

    7. Check your local laws, if legal, install a cell signal jammer so that while in your store they simply can't get access to wireless internet or cell service, lol

    *** Please be advised ***
    Consult an attorney or qualified legal professional before implementing by suggestions. Some or all of the suggestions may violate local or federal laws dealing with the topic of "interfering of commerce" or anti-trust laws. I really don't know as I'm not a lawyer so best to do your due diligence prior to implementation.

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