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    I have a work from home opportunity that I recruit people for weekly. Its a simple business, and I post on CL, and get 100's of responses daily.

    People who respond are directed to my website.

    Many people who visit my website either google the name of my site or my actual name. So far there is no negative press on me yet, but I know like any buisness, it may come. I have been in business over a year, and have 700+ peoiple so its inevitable.

    In an effort to make the bad stuff harder to find, and make good stuff easy to find, I'd like some help getting some reviews about me posted.

    Ideally, I'd like my site to be featured in some answers on yahoo answers. Or, even pose a direct question about my site, and then create multiple answer about my site.

    I would love some blog reviews that do not look like they were paid for, or fake, etc.

    I am open to other ideas as well. Remember, the goal is to look like it is unsolicited from folks who ahve worked with me.

    Not sure how compensation would work on this - but we could structure a weekly fee in exchnage for how many of your items appear on front page of google each week on a set day. Getting to front page should be easy, my name is unique, as are all specific website addresses.

    My goal is not organic search traffic, or links, etc. I am skilled at posting on CL, and get more traffic than I need - just need some help letting people know I am legit when they search for me.