Man PayPal F*cking SUCKS!!!

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Ghoast, Jun 26, 2012.

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    Ahh, just a rant about how much I hate PayPal..

    So first off I've had an account with them for about 7 years.. About 4 or 5 months ago they ban my account for no reason at all - they said 'copyright infringement' - what a joke - I literally use my account for BUYING things not selling them!! Anyway I called them up and they didn't change their mind..

    Now for the best part of an hour I've been trying to buy a service on here and unfortunately the seller only has a PayPal option and nothing else..

    Well, I can't use any of my cards as they're not allowed..
    I've tried using friends and family's cards and for the best part of an hour I've been getting different 'error' messages.. ending in asking to verify my identity via phone call - the number that was on a family member's account was wrong - so I change it to the right number and now they say that's not good enough and I've got to verify the bank account associated with the card..

    What a SHITTY business model - I literally want to buy a $30 f*cking service, nothing more, nothing less, but the way they're going about it you would think I was trying to buy an oil rig in a warzone from pirates using a stolen credit card..

    People PLEASE don't just rely on PayPal, it's near impossible for me to pay anyone through it. Always provide an alternative card payment option.. The people I've been trying to buy from have jost LOST a customer - and the sad part is it has nothing to do with them, I literally just can't give them my own f*cking money! ahhhh I hate PayPal so much!
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    sheesh.... just reset ur ip make a new account on ur family member name.. buy vcc and vba(if us).. verify paypal....join entropay use that visa to make purchases :) and there wud be surly a reason for them to ban account .. i know they ban for shitty reasons but some reason for sure related some particular transaction ;) or u fell to phishing lol
    use it safe it will work safe :)
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