Mamma said there would be days like this...

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    I can't believe I only made $2.00 freakin dollars yesterday. Ughhhh! This drives me nuts. The only reason I'm typing this post is so when I'm averaging $1k per day I can remember this and laugh.

    It's just been a bad 2 weeks. Not only is it hard to keep pushing hard everyday, (even after I come home from working 11 hours I still put in a least 3 hours of IM) but it's worse when your girlfriend is riding you about how much time you are working, and I have a $2.00 day. UGhhhh!

    I just have to trust that the fundamentals will hold true. Unique content, useful sites, high PR Backlinks, diversity (clickbank, CPA, Adsense and PPC) and C.E.O.T. (Constant Effort Over Time) will pay off.

    What sucks is when they are all down, which does happen. Like playing golf, sometimes my putter is on but my driving and irons are off, then sometime my whole game is on, and then there is that rare occasion when everything is off. This is one of those rare occasions. I knew it was bound to happen, with one of my bigger sites Google dancing 10 days on, 10 days off. What kinda shit is that? Like clockwork!

    Time to step away from the computer, go to the gym, eat some good food and then get back at it.

    Hopefully I will be reading this with a $1K day under my belt. I've had $100 days so I know the $1K is possible.

    Thanks for letting me vent - people who are not in it, will never really understand what I'm saying. It's a "BHW THANG!"
    I feel better already.

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    i wish you goodluck and all the best on your mission to reach the 1K per day :D