Making YT Videos Can Be A PITA & Fiver "Actors" Suck.. How Do YOU Make Good Videos?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by SpiderBlast, Aug 18, 2013.

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    I've done a lot of video marketing over the last couple years and mostly for local biz niches.

    I've always found it fairly easy because with local businesses traffic EXPECTS you to directly
    sell to them. Like when people land on my local vids, its all about the business, why it rocks,
    and why they should choose xxx company. I write a short and powerful script, do the voice
    overs myself, add some testimonials and its usually not a long process.

    However, affiliate videos I've found to be VERY different. Maybe my thought process needs
    work. But I think its almost rude to directly sell to someone the second they land on your
    video (if its an affiliate product). There's generally a lot more trust if you're dealing with a
    local, physical business. But digital products are nothing like this imo.

    The reason I'm finding the process more and more difficult (making affiliate videos) is for
    the following reasons:

    1) I'm targeting much more competitive keywords now, so my "video OCD" is amplified.

    2) I'm starting to veer away from voiceovers, and lately I've convinced myself that a person
    always needs to be in the video (especially if its a competitive affiliate product).

    3) Fiver actors suck. If you type in "video testimony" or "product reviews" then sort by
    rating, there's only like 5-7 featured sellers. Out of those few sellers, there is only 2 who
    I would ever use. Then to use them properly, it would cost about $25-$40 just to do 1 video.

    4) I've gone through pages and pages of regular sellers, most of them couldn't sell water
    during a drought if you watch their sample videos.

    5) The ones who ARE good, already have their faces plastered ALL OVER Youtube. For one
    of the niches I want to target, I would actually be using the same exact person my competitor
    is using... and I do NOT want to do that.

    6) A lot of the best gigs on fiver, you have to wait 7-10 days just to get the content. And to
    rush it can cost an additional $20-$40 (which adds up quick).

    So I'm REALLY curious, how do YOU guys get videos done?

    Writing a powerful script has never been an issue for me. And I've thought "maybe I should just
    order professional voiceovers and try to do some really good video editing". But for certain niches
    like weight loss, you REALLY need a person in front of a camera.

    The one thing I've noticed. I have no issues paying a lot of money for retention views and backlinks.
    But my videos NEED to be flawless before I will do that. Which is why up until now, I've been
    targeting mostly keywords around 3,000 SEM.

    I have some new keywords around 20,000 SEM, in some fairly competitive niches, so what do I do?
    Use the same fiver folks that everyone else is using? People like to talk about all the "hidden talent"
    on fiver and don't get me wrong, hidden talent exists. But for this type of work there is a serious

    I'm not sure if I'm looking for specific answers here, or if I'm just bitching. But if you guys have any
    extra resources, ideas... I'd really appreciate it. :D

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    Really legit topics, I would love to hear some opinion from other blackhatters on this matter.

    I was thinking to record myself for several videos in very different niches, so customers don't notice it...
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    You're over thinking it man, just get on the voice over and do it. I wrote up a decent little script, added some images and talking points to go with the voice over and my conversion rate is solid. Just think about all the money you could be losing because you're caught up in perfection (i know the feeling too). But just do your best and throw it up there, it might not have the best conversions for every video but you'll still be banking more overall.
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    Thanks guys.

    And I agree, perfectionism is a bitch. :p Especially if you're doing voiceovers on your own. Yesterday I must have done over 50 takes on 1 script. By the end my voice was dry, screechy and I couldn't even talk right anymore. So after like 4 hours straight I gave up and didn't even wind up keeping the script.

    I've never had OCD like this before so I'm just gonna start outsourcing the voiceovers. I've never competed in niches this competitive, so I need the best content possible. But at this rate it'll take me 1 week just to finish a video. And that shits gotta end.

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    I totally agree with you about the Fiverr testimonials. You can do a ton of work to get a video ranked and then realize that in that time the person that you used for the testimonial is plastered all over the place, which will really hurt conversions.

    I had a few ideas about how to deal with this:

    1) Ask the Fiverr seller to change their clothes/ make-up (if female) to look like a completely different person (location would be
    good as well, because I noticed a lot of them do their videos with the same background).

    2) Do your own videos using POV which could work well for reviewing something on your computer screen, or even a physical
    product if you own it.

    3) Use Craigslist/Kijiji/ODesk/Freelancer to find video testimonials. You can get some believable testimonials for cheap from places
    like the Philippines for example.

    I don't know about you, but when it comes to testimonials I don't think it's quite as important to have someone who looks and sounds professional, because the most believable part of a testimonial is that the person appears to be "real" (not comfortable in front of a camera, not act incredibly enthusiastic). Of course, some will be more believable than others, but I know when I see people who are too comfortable in front of the camera, it causes me to doubt the testimonial. But of course, that may be because I'm on the other side of it.
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    You should find out on fiverr people who are not registered in "testimonial and video" but in other categories as "translation" and ask them if they accept to be in front of the camerca. You will then have more people to select.
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    I use youtube keyword tool to get hot niches