Making Women Squirt Guide! No Competition - Looking for Affiliates

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Just bought some HOWTOGIVEAWOMANANORGASM domains, I'll PM you.


its you and me now. wanna make a small bet ? 10$ for who makes first 10 sales ? just for the heck of it ? some nice competing game :)

tell me if your game.
its you and me now. wanna make a small bet ? 10$ for who makes first 10 sales ? just for the heck of it ? some nice competing game :)

tell me if your game.

lol I like the competition! If you guys make these sales fast I am definitely going to be having some more comps for you guys, some free ipods or something, or just cash... who doesn't want cash? :tee:
i've been looking for something to promote, could i get a review copy please? would appreciate it.
~ chow
Hey guys I just made the first sale, in about 6 hours from being approved :D The analytics haven't updated yet so I will post the conversion shot in the morning and update you guys with new(hopefully) sales.
dude I love this, can I add it to my other page PM me... We've been chatting about your other penis product...
As we say in Boston....this is the balls!

I own: HOWTOGIVEAWOMANANORGASM.NET and will be having xplicit from BHW
make a sight around it:D

Viral ~ great concept and niche!!!!
Hey guys I have handed out a BUNCH of review copies, if you still want one can you please pm me with how you are going to promote the guide? I don't want to hand out anymore without being sure you will promote to be cautious of someone stealing my guide.
Received my review copy. |Thank You| Very Good Product *****
This is a well researched product. It is well written and contains zero fluff. I gets you where you need to go with a number of excellent + little know strategies and is written with heart and a good deal of thought for the reader. The great thing is it is not salacious in any way and treats the subject matter in an adult manner with some precise details that can't fail to help anyone that purchases this cutting edge product. Well Done and Thank you again for teaching me some things that are really genuinely useful about the art of love making. I am putting the wheels in motion to promote this unique product.
Squidoo and Hubpages have rejected... so I'm trying another approach.
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heres are some conversion shots for you guys, 2 sales so far. The first one is 1 in 2 and I am hoping it is not some other vendor trying to steal my product =\ I hope you guys can back me up if this happens :D


But the 2nd still is still a very amazing conversion ratio!
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