Making Women Squirt Guide! No Competition - Looking for Affiliates

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Don't promote any products that the vendor won't give me to review. If you want my talents I need a free copy or I'll move on. Yeah, I'm a cocky bastard, but my resources and list don't come free.
Wow sorry guys I haven't even looked at this thread in quite a long time... I'm usually only looking in

@cjmo75 send me a pm with your email and I will send you a review copy no problem.. sorry just check this thread now =\
It seems like someone ripped off your landing page on CB.. lame. Anyway, my gf and I are trying to figure out how to get to the very edge of the Youtube TOS with some video concepts we just talked about to market this. I don't think I need the guide beforehand, just wanted to let you know. Thanks for a putting a neat product up!
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Sorry, saw just now that this thread is old...
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I made a new thread for this project.... mods can delete this if you like.


I have no clue if your serious, drunk, or what? Anyways pm me...
Please post in the new thread in my signature I don't want to be taking up two threads =\

But article marketing is working well for targeted visitors.
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