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Dec 16, 2008
I just got approved for my Making Women Orgasm guide, this guide shows men how to get their woman to ejaculate(squirt). This is a hungry niche and millions of men want to learn this technique. I am the absolute first on Clickbank and there is absolutely no competition.

You get 75% Commission for each sale!

The ebook is priced at $27, so you will earn $20.25 (before clickbank cut).

Sales Page:

Affiliate Page:

xxxx = your cb username

The affiliate page does not have any tools yet but I will be adding banners and more shortly, just let me know what you would like to help you promote and I will make it happen! :)

There are no conversion stats yet because it was just approved today, Once I get some I will be sure to update you guys!


First affiliate to make 10 sales gets a $100 BONUS

First Affiliate to 20 sales gets a $200 BONUS

This is 10/20 sales without any refunds so refunds will count against your score, I am paying more than I earn anyways so I don't want to lose too much :tee:

* These prizes have to go to 2 different affiliates, so if you make it to 10 sales first you can take your prize or try to get the 20 sales bonus

** I'll pay you the bonus to paypal

Here is a review of the ebook:
Received my review copy. |Thank You| Very Good Product *****
This is a well researched product. It is well written and contains zero fluff. I gets you where you need to go with a number of excellent + little know strategies and is written with heart and a good deal of thought for the reader. The great thing is it is not salacious in any way and treats the subject matter in an adult manner with some precise details that can't fail to help anyone that purchases this cutting edge product. Well Done and Thank you again for teaching me some things that are really genuinely useful about the art of love making. I am putting the wheels in motion to promote this unique product.

So you know this is a good quality product ;)
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send me please a review copy!!!!!:)


"If you give her a ejaculation orgasm you will be talked about with all of her friends, forever!"
Last edited:, and .org are available with a couple of thousand exact match searches a month if anyone wants to promote this with google search ;)
Damn man , I was racking my brain looking for an unsaturated niche. Wish me luck on this!! :), and .org are available with a couple of thousand exact match searches a month if anyone wants to promote this with google search ;)

I bought which was the original title but CB made me change it. So you guys can also get, .org, .info most likely.
Great niche selection. This will do well..

PM me with access to a review copy and if it reads well and sticks.... I will sell this!
my wife says i need a review copy. please send. if it works I will feel good about product and have extra vigor to promote.
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