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    Oct 1, 2008
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    In finland i here is many little companies that dont know shit about seo and i know only 1 company ( well mostly that nr1 @ gogle ) and their package seems quite retarted imo

    what they offer :

    1 checking the keywords and some meta tag stuff
    2 inner linking (sitemap?)

    3 then they just give companies their tracking tool and say "SEE IT WORKS WOOT"

    4 and last but not least they give them sharp instructions what to do, dont know about what they really say in that.

    In my opinion those are some easy tasks

    1 some keyword research maybe more some dp or related for longtail kw
    2 generate sitemap for their site
    3 if done honestly it should work if not ... fake hits ?

    4 would tell em do article marketing and some other stuff.

    Plus what could be done (dont know what companies think) social bookmarking social marketing opt in maybe

    generating backlinks from sites

    but since sites are finnish i wonder how many article directory accepts non engish articles :)

    But idea is not bad in my opinion , could do that for some extra when not in demand of holiday. Need make some fake question about offers for those other SEO companies to see is it worth it :)

    so what do you guys think would this be any good idea ?