Making money with YouTube and CPA offers.

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by lant2005, Sep 2, 2008.

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    I want to try the method posted by HARRO about making money exploiting YouTube(cpa iphone offers) but with a different twist.

    My question is:

    Am i going to be banned by the cpa network if i'll make more than 100 $/a day?

    I use double meta refresh to hide refferer.

    From your experience,will the leads convert?

    What should i do to keep me "under the radar"?
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    you r not going to make 100$ per day with youtube and cpa unless you bring some brilliant twist of your hat...

    Anyway, to answer your question, you r not going to get banned as long as you do not incentive the users to fill in cpas or do anything blackhat.
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    It's really hard to tell what will get you banned. Seeing what some folks have made around here though just making $100/day shouldn't do it. The affiliate networks make money too so it's in their best interests to have affiliates that are making money.

    It depends on what the videos are for whether or not your leads will convert; I say if you stay with simple offers you should have no problems. I think that would be more of a worry for you as far as banning goes than the amount of money you make per day. Worst case, they may ask you to stop promoting a certain product.
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    hmm i need to make a sticky about this there are 3 of these atleast every week, nearly worded the exact same
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    yeah, and based on earlier post by our fearless leader, i think the option of, "closed thread, search forums, banned user" might be good..
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    wont go that far for these threads :)
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    I think the best thing to do is ask your AM if they are OK with video marketing. But since you are using a landing page of some sort, prior to the cpa offers landing page, you are somehow protected.

    Youtube marketing is a vast marketing area. The possibilities are almost endless. You could upload a video, watermark it with your URL or some text, and add the URL in the description.

    And your waiting for visitors to click through. But after a while you realize that almost none of the visitors click through and you decide to change just a minor detail in the watermarking process but now you have to upload the video again and start all over again... but the effort might be worth.

    So, it's really hard to make $100 per day from youtube... generally I noticed that the conversion rate is low so you have to scale it up by uploading as many videos as you can (20-30-50) per day.
    I'm also using youtube but I first collect information about the users by sending them to a squeeze page first to opt in to an autoresponder and then I redirect them to the actual cpa offer.

    A few days ago I decided to add a little script called viral*inviter (it's a script that lets people access their email account directly from your website and select some of their friends and the script automatically sends out email invitations to them) and set it up after they oped in and gave them a gift for inviting their friends.

    Now not every visitor will invite friends but some will. And you have the opportunity to scale up your CTR.

    I hope this helps a bit in the youtube - cpa marketing.