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    Why You Want To Be On Tumblr?
    Il show you exactly how to get tumblr followers fast and for free and in HUGE quantities then you?ll be well on your way to building up tumblr accounts that you can use to:

    • Drive dozens or even hundreds of extremely high quality backlinks to every page on your niche sites.
    • Send your content viral so that it gets re-posted ALL over the web.
    • Promote your YouTube videos and channels. Hell with a good tumblr account along you can launch a YouTube channel from total obscurity to being popular and seriously trafficked.
    • Do anything you would do with your other social profiles. Only with tumblr you?ll find your stuff might go more viral than on any other social site out there.

    3 simple steps to make money with tumblr

    Step 1 : Head over to tumblr and set yourself an account

    So lets say you have a web site called ''crazycatlady.&&'' and want to set up an account to promote that site.
    so i would create a tumblr account named ''crazycatlady'' then i would leave that account alone for 24h.... Just do it tumblr sometimes does weird stuff if you dont leave your account alone for 24h

    Step 2 : Now you want to log in to that account

    you want to do a google search for tumblr tagged ''yournicherelated'' so in this case we would put in google search : tumblr tagged ''cuteCats'' check image below
    Screenshot (41).png

    this will show you posts that have been tagged with keyword ''cutecats'' a tag is just like a ashtag# Check image below

    Screenshot (42).jpg

    Now what you want to do is find a post with alot of ''notes'' Notes = likes and re-shares Check image below
    Screenshot (42)1.png

    Now you want to click on it and you will see all the people that liked and re-shared that post. These are the kind of people that we want to follow our blog because they obviously share the same interest as us and they showed us they like to like and re-share other people cat related post, so they will probably like and re-share our posts ! But how to you get them to follow you ? Easy you just follow a shit load of them and a lot will follow you back !! So just go through that list adding them 1 by 1 they will notice you are following them and they will say ''hey this cat lovers blog is following me i might as well follow him back'' Check image below
    Screenshot (43)p.png
    Now you want to follow 200 a day (takes about 10min) for 25 days until you followed 5000 people now you should get about 1000 niche related followers following youre blog! now dont forget these are people that all shared out stuff that was related to your content so they're likely gonna share your stuff like crazy too !

    step 3

    start uploading viral niche related stuff to your blog so people will like and re-share and make you a lot more followers. Then you can add a link in your picture like ''love cats? ''follow Crazycatlady for your daily cat photos''
    once you get a ton of followers its easy to get them to go and visit your niche related website. and get all your niche related post all over the internet.