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    Seeming as I'm new here I thought I had better make a thread about something, better later than never right? Let's get started.

    Some of you may think this post isn't worthy of being in this section, but I don't care. This is merely a technique I use to make money from my blog, and if you don't like it please don't post spam or flame here. Just don't post at all.

    Okay, let's begin.

    As some of you, well most of you know there are various private torrent tracker websites on the Internet. The one I am going to be mentioning is called STmusic. Basically you can get any kind of music you want from the site, pre-release music, rare albums and more. It's much like what OiNK use to be before it went down.

    My technique doesn't involve selling torrent invites, that is against all private torrent tracker TOS and will most likely get your account banned. I own a blog and on it I have a post titled "Free STmusic Private Torrent Tracker Invites". It is a very high traffic topic, that is currently ranked 5th in Google for the term "free STmusic invites". Ranked number 3 in Google for the terms "free STmusic invite codes", and a few others.

    Basically on my blog I have advertisements, it use to be Adsense until I got click sabotaged and my account disabled.

    You're probably wondering how I make money giving out free invites, right? Well here;s what I do. I send an email with the invitation code, along with the sign-up url. I then ask the person to click on an ad or two on my blog, pretty simple huh?

    Of course this can work with any private torrent tracker web site such as etc. Also I have an account with STmusic that has a share ratio constantly over 6.0. So when someone signs up with one of the invites I get given more invites and it just keeps rising and rising. So I have unlimited STmusic invites to hand out.

    Before my Google Adsense account was disabled I had like $50 in there in only one week, which I'm guessing is good for the first week on a blog right? With no effort. I have Clicksor ads and they are much more tolerant with their TOS. :)

    Technically this could work for anything. Giving out invites to web sites people want access too. Or giving out free vouchers or software perhaps, the possibilities are endless...
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    PM me please i need invite for some trackers cause most are full, of course you get your blog clicks. :)