Making Money with short living super hyped hot topics?

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    Aug 23, 2016
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    dont even know if this idead is known/common but i would like to hear your opinions about what came in my mind recently.

    Would it be worth putting time, money and efford into such super hyped topics that last for only a few weeks but dominate the media and social sites in that time?

    Example: New year 2015/16, a few thousand muslim immigrants (mostly maghreb refugees) gathered in cologne, germany, starting to mass-rob, sexual harrass and even rape german woman this night.
    (please no political discussion about this..) and
    are the results in german for "pepper spray" and "buying pepper spray" at google trends for germany.

    So do you think, in such a situation it would make sense to just rush an amazon site, ignore seo and spam social media ads for your site?
    Would it be worth the efford?