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    Hi everyone,

    I have finally given in to curiosity and had a look at ShareCash, they say you can make 40 to 80c per download(when your file is downloaded). Am wondering if anyone out there has made $$$$ from it? Am not sure if you're allowed to talk about it here, but am just asking...

    Also, what are some good tips on promoting ShareCash downloads? I have seen their Youtube feature and have given it a try, I guess with the right niche market and related videos, the feature could work...

    Could you also use traffic exchange sites to promote them? Well I suppose manual surf would be better than autosurf since autosurfers don't have to actually see the page.

    Any tips and ideas and opinions are welcome...

    Cheers and long live BHW!

    NOTE: I have actually tried to search on BHW about sharecash but I can't find much information, feel free to point me in the right direction.