Making money with RUDE just got, ehh.. harder?


Sep 19, 2009
After cashing out the other day, started promoting yesterday and already made $43 on per lead signups. Out of nowhere I receive this email from my AM.
After reviewing your account, admin switched your pay per lead campaigns to PPS.
This is because your free joins have not been productive enough for Rude to maintain the pay per lead campaigns for your account.

All off you pay per lead campaigns are now switched to the PPS campaigns. No hits have been lost as the switch happened real time.
The only change you?ll see is that instead of Rude paying you $1.- for every free join, Rude will pay you $30.- for every paying join.
Earnings made through the pay per lead campaign so far, which are still in your account will of course be paid in full.

That's some BS. Lately I've been hearing smack about how RUDE changed a lot, and how everyone should switch over to something else. I never paid attention to the rants as I always made money. Seems like I'm a victim as I had not made a dime today and I've been promoting all day. This is blasphemy.. someone send me $25 to my paypal and keep the $43 cause I'm done with RUDE.
PPS is so much better sometimes, i use PPS more than i do pay per lead, its a higher pay out, i like it.
100 reply system,
10 of 100 will go and sign up,
1 - 100 will sign up / pay

now would you take the 10 bucks, or the 30 ?
dude u r
who will buy ur account ?..i mean is there anybody who is getting sales for rude ?? :s
i don't think so..
that means ur account will stay on 43 and u need 50 bux (minimum) to cashout...
so nobody will be able to get ur 43 bux...

Good Luck though..may be u find someone..but for me there is no chance..
Well I am sure that there are some people that are stuck on like $80 bucks and need a bit more cash for $100 to cash it all out. I'm only asking for like $20-$25 for it and I'll send all my points to your account.
MrSparkles what I think is very interesting is they waiting for you to get to 43 dollars before they pulled the plug. They could have done it at 5 dollars, or 10 dollars, but interesting that they waited for you to come close to the payout mark before they pulled the plug.

Not very friendly like manner, they could have paid out your 50 dollars and have switched your account to PPS - BS if you ask me!
Find a new affiliate in my honest opinion... that is what I had to do a couple weeks ago and of course they also switched me to PPS but today I looked and had one $35 credit to my account since someone actually used a CC. I look at it this way if I can make $200+ in a day or two with an affiliate before getting switched to PPS then its all good, since that is an extra $200 in my pocket. Just keep on the look out for paying affiliates. I know there are a ton around the web and if you look "deep" aka "search bar" then I am sure you will come across the one I used to make $223.
i think this is a really good opportunity to up ur game and make more money... to be honest as u get better in IM u'll realize that PPS is in many cases MUCH better than PPL, both in security and income potential... unless u're driving ridiculous volume to incentivized ppl offers
rudes on dat bullshit... for the last couple of days towards the end of october it seems like everything was back to normal even though some stats werent being displayed, however, the amount made was going up like it should but as soon as november hit it was back to dat bullshit... not only that but its like it dont even convert anymore which is highly unlikely with the targeted traffic i sent along with specific instructions to complete the sign up process.
i got the same email as well . They paid me $250 and i have another $56 in my account now i ll withdrew the $50 and spend the $6 watching cam shows on their site :)
I got that mail also. but I understand leads probly didnt convert any good...
email the affiliate manager stating that(copy and past possibly)

"I have noticed that I have been getting leads very easily. Now it is your job to deliever content to get them to move to paid sign ups. This is why I was on pay per lead, not pay per sale. I request to be moved back to where my performance was phonomenal. Today I have been promoting your site and have not even gotten a lead.
If this does not change I will be forced to change companies.

Best of luck
(Your Name Here) "

If that doesnt work but you still want to stay with them I suggest you change your method

good luck,

i got the same email also, and im the one who made that damn thread
which caused this saturation which lead to this problem.
i think this is a really good opportunity to up ur game and make more money... to be honest as u get better in IM u'll realize that PPS is in many cases MUCH better than PPL, both in security and income potential... unless u're driving ridiculous volume to incentivized ppl offers

This is probably true...But it requires a different skill level that most IM's don't have until doing incentive stuff. Hell, marketing is really all about offering incentives to elicit desired reactions in the first place. But I agree that once you can move serious numbers of people who are actually willing to fork out money that's when you can start making serious dough.
You can give chip/$$$s to other people, is that correct?

I have a Rude Account but I can be stuffed checking it to see... :D
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