MAKING MONEY WITH PAY PER CALL ANYONE? Venture Partners looking for people to promote call

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    I dotn see allot of thread about "Pay Per call" on here but basically, you have a client who will pay x ammoutn for a qualified caller, then you give them a special phone number that you will place in front of the target customer. then you track and record each call. when the call connects you then show it to the client and they will pay out.

    you can use a 3rd party like MaxBounty or another paypercall network, i think commision junction has started doign paypercall.
    i prefer to go out and find my own contracts and use my own systems. I have used Invoca in the past and they are exccellent.

    Ive got some buddys makes $4000 a month Profit ( not revenue but profit) from running pay per call.

    I have some contracts with a Plumber in the US all 50 states paying our $8 per call thats a qualified caller over a certain amount of time.
    also have a car insurance for $15 per call.
    also have a tex debt releif for $20 per call they must have $10,000 or more in tax debt and need help finding how to fix it

    Also have a locksmith contract.. but they arent paying as much as my old contract was.. so unless i can get an increase im not trying to team up with any one

    I have a sign up for health care program thats paying $10 per sign up for private health insurance
    and a medicare supplement insurance.

    if your out side of the US i will work with you.

    each week i send out what calls were converted and send you all the details.
    Ive made some good money doing this mostly using google Adwords and Bing and some newspaper ads to generate calls. I have some sites and ive tried to do SEO but its not really my gig.
    ive also generated traffic with facebook.

    I am looking for people who can drive traffic and calls and would like to start makign money with this. i can pay you paypal or other form of payments if your interested.
    PM me and let me know what your experience with marketing is and how you think you can do this. I also dont want to many Blackhat methods that will clog up the call center with un-targeted callers. if any B.S. callers or a bunch or nonsense comes in i will drop you like a hat. Im only looking for about 10 people to work with. like a said PM me and lets get this thing rolling. thanks!