Making money with non aired tv episodes

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    I wanted to contribute this "method" which is a twist on other methods posted here before. Having said that, I don't have any cute pictures to submit to embellish this guide.

    This is probably not a guide for someone just starting out because you need to read it, expand on it and also you will probably need to shell out a few bucks to get the code breaker scripts.

    What do you need?:
    - A website. Wordpress would be better
    - Hosting
    - Usenet reader (newsleecher, newsbin, etc). Not required but it will expand your range.
    - Usenet account. Not required but it will widen your reach. Astraweb has a $11 a month coupon for unlimited traffic and with free SSL.
    - Incentivized offer from Cp4L34d account
    - BlackHat CodeBreaker, the CPA Money Wizard Automated Content Protection or any other kind of script to block your content. I personally like WP Guardian.

    1.- First of all you should read Craig's thread which was what inspired me to do this:
    2.- Setup your website and get the Code Breaker working and stuff. If you don't know how, do a search or ask the seller for help.
    3.- Post all the protected TV Shows you want.
    4.- Here is the twist! You know how sometimes TV shows get canceled or they don't get aired for another week or they are suspended due to holidays or Christmas or spring break or during the summer, etc, etc.

    As an example, take a look at House the episode 6 for Season six wasn't aired next week after Episode 5:
    Season 6, Episode 3 - Aired: 10/5/2009
    Season 6, Episode 4 - Aired: 10/12/2009
    Season 6, Episode 5 - Aired: 10/19/2009 
    -- empty week: 10/26/2009
    -- empty week: 11/02/2009
    Season 6, Episode 6 - Aired: 11/9/2009
    What happened during those two weeks? A lot of starving followers is what happened!:D People go to their torrent sites and usenet (like me) and type: "House s06e06" and nothing is to be found!

    Same thing happens during special occasions and holidays. As another example, last House episode was on 11/30/2009 so during those next two weeks you will get a lot of "customers" searching for their next episode until it finally hits them that perhaps it was canceled during Christmas.

    So here is what we do, at the moment that it happens (the week of 10/26/2009) we take the last episode before the break (S06E05) and rename it to the one which was supposed to air that week. Here is what you can do with that:
    a) Compress the video file, protect it with a password and add a note about going to your website to get the password.
    b) Upload the fake video to your website, the one you had protected with Code Breaker or WP Guardian.
    c) Compress the video file, protect it with a password, create a URL shortcut to your website with the offer and name it to something like: "Go here to get the password". Compress everything again and upload it to Newsgroups (usenet).
    d) You can use other ideas and expand this into posting it to forums or websites related to the specific show.

    Now keep in mind there's lot of stuff I'm not saying on this guide because these are just a few guidelines, not a recipe and I suppose you will read this, let your imagination fly, research BHW and improve on what I'm saying. For example, you are supposed to research on how to use WP Guardian (or any other code breaker), best keywords for your website, even perhaps learning how to blank the referral just in case you want to use it with other non incentivized offers.

    How can you know when TV shows are going to be suspended?
    You can go to and check the episodes schedule for an specific show. You can also use it to find out which ones are the favorites shows:
    Thank you for reading and I hope I wasn't too concise.
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    A few years back I downloaded, what at the time, was some random zombie movie onto my movie server. everyone with their modded xboxs would hook up to the network and download the latest stuff after some grueling halo lan parties :) anyway, about a year later got a few phone calls from some of them telling me about the commercials airing for that same movie, which was being released in the theaters the following month or so - the movie was 28 Days Later... pretty crazy to get something so far in advance, and a perfect copy too.

    The only other time something similar to that happened was the most recent Wolverine movie, but that was a workprint so not all the special effects were completed, still pretty decent copy though.

    But yeah great idea, TV shows during the holidays stuff won't air in the US but still do elsewhere. So this is smart idea...
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    Very good method. Why cant I give u rep?
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    let`s try
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    supply and and demand...

    just with a different pair of glasses.

    simple and brilliant.

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    whats this shit with move to jr vip??
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