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    Hi All,

    This is a little summary of my online money making journey so far.

    I have used AdSense for years with a lot of success, however recently my finalized earnings have dramatically decreased due to so called invalid click activity and I don't understand why. I’ve tried contacting Google AdSense support to provide me with some kind of explanation for the increasing cuts but so far I’ve had no response and this is very frustrating. Do any members here share the same experience and would anyone be able to advise what causes this invalid click activity to increase every month?

    I am now looking for a move away from AdSense and I’ve found binary options trading to be a good way of making extra income on the side after coming across this method of trading at OptionsBee. However, I’m not a massive risk taker and try to control my greed so I’m not making the kind of big big money that would make me give in my notice anytime soon, but I'm looking to combine this with other means of making money online like Affiliate Marketing and other methods of trading so that I can achieve my dream of being self-employed and financially secure. It would be good to know if my expectations are realistic, have any members in this forum achieved the goal of quitting their 9 to 5 job and are now earning a decent living from home?

    Would be great to find out how others are getting on - thanks.