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Making Money with Ad & Traffic $700 to $1000, GOOGLE PARTNER ACCOUNT

Discussion in 'Business & Tax Advice' started by Natsu79, Nov 3, 2016.


Your advesting account trust is limited?

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  1. Natsu79


    Nov 3, 2016
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    Three years ago I registered on BHW, at that time I got a little knowledge on how to make money online, but that was nothing in comparison to what I know and do now. If not BHW I probably would go a different path and I am happy that I am my own boss and making good money.

    Almost right after I registered here I opened up my first site, did my first investment of time and little money and was able to make my first earning of $700 for the first months. Right now I have a whole fleet of sites, some of them became pretty well known and my earning has few zeros to the right from my first earning in this business. I do not call myself expert, but during this 3 years I have worked with dozens of networks, dozens of sites and been into every kind of situations, had few publications about me and my sites so I would like to give back BHW and give FREE HELP and advice to those users who are already in Arbitrage business or just thinking to get into it and looking where to start.

    This type of business becomes more popular this days, but for some reason topic is under the shadow and not being discussed widely so I think it would be a good idea if I can help users here sharing my experience and giving advice.

    Run video ads through channel google ??

    You are need for Goolge ads account running advertisement(Google adwords, google GDN)?

    You want to increase sales, but your advertising account is limited?

    Your advertising account can't spend money?

    Your advesting account trust is limited?

    You meet account problems or need technical supports but you don't know who or how to contact with ?

    .................................................. .............

    We are Goolge’s senior partner

    We can solve all of these problems

    Add my skype, and we can talk about that:

    Skype: **************
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